Video Training Series

These video's are designed to help budding Affiliate Marketers in their quest for World Wide Web Domination however the message is clear - each lesson can be applied to all forms of Internet Marketing. So whether you are building a website, trying your hand at Email Marketing or Blog Marketing, these video's will help to dispel the myths, correct common mistakes and optimize your ability.

As a mother of three and the daughter of a teachers assistant, I have always been very involved in teaching. I also understand that we all learn differently - some of us are literary learners, some of us are hands on learners and some of us are visual learners. To this end, I have created some video's to help bring out the Internet Marketer in you - to leave no doubt in your mind as to what it is that you need to do to make money online.

CAUTION: You are about to witness some mind blowing audio-visual effects that are so cutting edge that they may be hard to appreciate.

Or not.

Seriously, I'm an Affiliate Marketer not Steven freakin' Spielberg...give a gal a break! And it's true. I am most definitely NOT the worlds greatest public speaker!! lol. So if you can overlook the fact that I um and I er, that there are usually kids in the background trying to burn the house down, then I'm sure you'll appreciate that I include some incredibly valuable info in these video's.

New video's are being added regularly so be sure to visit again soon. 

This video has got some great little tips about being productive - coming from the queen of procrastination and distraction (did I mention I have three young boys?) these are the methods I personally use to keep myself focused, accomplish more work in less time and get the job done - even when I don't want to!

Do I really sound like that? lol


Super Charge Your Articles With This Free Service
(Back linking For Article Writing Affiliates)

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to link your articles and blogs together and then super charge them with this totally free service. The combination of long tail keywords and banklinks will force Google to give you the page rank you've worked so hard for.

Now THAT'S some super fancy high tech graphics!! Social Monkee is the service I use for my articles (and often blog posts). My 11 year old has his own account there and it was about 2weeks before he showed up on the first page of results for the name of the computer game which he blogs about. AND he has

* He uses wordpress and the keyword is "Destroy All Humans" if you want to double check that fact...that's him in #10 =  He also holds PR #1 & #2 for the more obscure keyword (727 000 results) "furon invasion" I taught him everything he knows!! lol

Wrapping up Getting To Know Google month and starting How To... month (we're going to be putting into practice many lessons learned last month and much more) I thought I would make sure that everybody is familiar with Google's quirks. This video delves into 
  • how to find the optimized results of your long tail keywords 
  • give you your exact number of competition
  • how much competition is too much competition or
  • how many pages with your keyword does Google really have indexed?
  • why using "quotes" to refine your searches is benificial
 Don't get it? Watch the video here and read the companion article if niches, results and long tail keywords don't make any sense yet. =) 

Bragging Rights Are Mine...
Mwah hahahaa!! Apologies for the audio being slightly out - I wanted some video documentation of the latest affiliate site (we've turned it into a case study) and the enormous results I have had in just three short weeks.

After registering this domain on the 29th July and "accidentally" (long story, read it here) publishing the site in early August. As of today, this site stands in Page Rank #1, is seeing a drizzle of visitors and has already paid for it's own hosting. How sweet is that!?

Read the ins & outs, behinds the scenes, the problems and the milestones that I encountered on the journey right here - Affiliate Website Case Study


I have been promising to show you behinds the scenes, inside my favourite source of PLR content (the membership Killer Content). After much ado, a series of video's is on the way. I am uber excited to show you all!