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Hi folks, Elizabeth here...

I get a lot of questions about how to make money online and nearly all of the include something along the lines of...

"I've been reading about [product or system XYZ]...does it work?"

Great question...which a great illustration can answer! I get to test a lot of different make money online..."stuff" which might sound like fun...but it isn't. A lot of it just doesn't make the cut. Or there are strings attached. 

Like the $120 plug in for wordpress, great sales page, very promising system with the software to boot....but what they didn't mention on the sales page was that it only works with one host and one host only. Or a system that does work, but it's just too much for a newbie to understand.

Everything on this page is something I have used or something that I am using. 

Everything here is beginner level with potential to take you a whole lot further..


It amazes me just how much people are willing to spend on an education. Not just your basic education but university or college, tuition, working two jobs, living away from home and student loans...not to mention the years and years of time that is invested.

Yet we never actually stop to question...does it work?

Having a world class education does NOT guarantee that you will be able to get a job at the end of it, yet we don't hesitate to tell our children that they need it to survive in the big bad world.

On another note, we have no hesitation spending fifty bucks on going out for dinner. Yet we ummm and we ahhhh over spending $50 on a valuable tool that could give us long lasting knowledge about successfully making money online.

Yes, they do work....
But ONLY if you are willing to make them work. 

When you buy things through Clickbank there is a compulsory 60 day guarantee so I always recommend that you get it, create a Receipts folder in your email Inbox and store your receipts there.

If you're not happy, you'll know with in a week or two. If you are've just made a huge investment in your online education. Good for you!!

I do update this page from time to time when I come across something special. Feel free to drop me a line and tell me what you think or what you need.

Your biggest fan,
Elizabeth Nesbitt

Blogger or Wordpress both have great ranking power. Force my hand and I would have to say Wordpress but there's just something about me sentimental. They are both easy to figure out, both rank well. I would say that more web hosts and software is made to work in wordpress. They also have a lot of nice features. You can't use Google Analytics with Wordpress so tracking is a bother and Blogger have a nice family atmosphere in the forum. Start a free blog at both of them (in the same mirco-niche), you'll soon find one more appealing than the other.

Hehe...thought I would sneak this one in here. You are building a business here. From scratch. You'll need a sense of humor to get you through the dark nights. You'll also need:
  • An unwavering faith that YOU CAN make money online.
  • Patience - world wide (web) domination doesn't happen overnight
  • A keen sense of pride in your work - customers know if you care about them or their purse strings
  • Time - DO NOT think that you can make money online without doing any work (#1 biggest mistake new marketers make? Looking for shortcuts.)

Baby account at HostGator will let you host many domains on the one account. Shop around. You won't need hosting with free sites but when you're ready to register a domain you will need it. GoDaddy is another popular host that many website or blog builders are familiar with so they can give you instructions for changing the domain name servers (known as DNS).

I was very reluctant to pay for ANY information when I was starting out. Now I have now come to recognize that there's a big difference between buying get-rich-quick systems or software...and buying an education...investing in knowledge that will further you online marketing skills a whole lot faster than you could on your own.

That's why I'm recommending Article Writing For Newbies. Writing new content takes a LOT of time and becomes a very tedious chore for many Internet Marketers - many of whom will pay people like yourself to write new content for them..if you know the basics. Not only can you use the information provided by Article Writing For Newbies for your own article writing & affiliate efforts, many writers average $200 - $400 per set of 10 articles...if you know what the buyer is looking for. For $7 Article Writing For Newbies can give you those skills.

Spinners produce a dozen new versions of one article so you can publish on a dozen different sites (always publish the first one on your site, change the title and rewrite a unique opening paragraph). I use the Rapid Rewriter - it's fast, easy and has a decent dictionary unlike some other spinners.

Do not let people tell you that they can make "hundreds" of new articles - they certainly could...but it's a quality over quantity matter. I would rather have 6 unique articles than 20 similar ones.

Regardless of what you are marketing, whether it's real estate or an eBook, publishing articles at content sites like Squidoo, HubPages, GoArticles, will bring you backlinks and traffic. (This is where the spinner is worth it's weight in gold) There are hundreds of content sites so check a few out.

MY SECRET WEAPON is Article Demon which automates my articles, drips a steady supply of backlinks into my big sites (and smaller ones), gets around the capatcha, has anti-bot detection capabilities, arranges my pen names and folders (known as projects) and so much more. It's a little dearer than you might like but that because it works.

Social Monkee - 25 Backlinks a day...for free? Yup...boost you webpages to the tops of the SERPs (Search Engine . You can also upgrade if you have $50 to huh? I like free too. Refer 12 friends and get your upgrade for free! Social Monkee is perfect for Articles and blog posts.

Killer Content - I have been holding out on you. This software will allow you use PLR Articles, spin them and publish them to your Wordpress blogs OR spin, copy & paste them to your other blogs and websites. First night I got this, I pulled an all-nighter and put 8 new blogs together!! Yeah...I don't do things in halves. I am madly in love with this man (yes, it's his real name) and a proud platinum member at Killer Content - one of my smartest investments ever.

There's no way around it. Even  if you are paying per click (PPC) with AdWords never ever underestimate the power of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It is the one thing that is unwavering online. All the shortcuts and glitches and magic loopholes will eventually lead to being  spanked by Google. SEO is also key to reducing your minimum bid for AdWords.