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You know I like my free stuff! Why didn't I think of this page ages ago? Keep your eyes out on this page because you know that I'm putting together some free stuff (like the video's) for you guys. At the moment it's pretty slim picking though.

Note to Self: This weeks homework involves filling this page with USEFUL free things for your lovely and kind readers. I like what you've done to your hair today.

Until then, knock yourselves out guys...and be sure to let me know if I can help you find something you need.


I totally loved this report when I first got my hands on it. Full of great info about how to build an affiliate income in today. This report explains how to build sites that Google loves AND converts people into customers in addition to explaining why the market has changed so much in the last year or two. There are some things that are forever changing and other that are will want to know where the quicksand is so that you can build your house (your Affiliate Marketing business) on the solid footing.

WHOA Horsey...that link right ^^^ (up there) has expired since Andrew recently launched his Unstoppable Affiliate Training however, when I get home from my (far to brief) holiday I will give you the new link to download the PDF file...for free =) 

Social Monkee 
As a free member you can submit your URL to Social Monkee (via the members section or with a firefox plugin) who will then publish establish 25 unique backlinks to 25 unique IP addresses.

You can even upgrade your free membership to a premium membership for free...if you have 12 friends. =)

Ranked In
I am working on it...I know I've been promising this for a long time but is coming along nicely and you are more than welcome to come along and throw another backlink in the works there. It works just the same as Squidoo or EzineArticles.

Hey! You get what you pay for! This was one of the first spinners that I ever used and it served me well at the time. I use the one from my Killer Content membership these days because it stores spun articles and then published them on command to my Wordpress blogs. If you don't know anything about article spinning then you can watch the video on this sales page ( least I'm honest! It IS a good video btw).

PS - DON'T let anyone tell you that you can spin "hundreds" of articles from just one original. Aim for quality over quantity - I never spin more than 5 or 6 versions.

Submit Your Website To 350 Of Website Directories Instantly!
THIS IS NOT AN AUTOMATED BACKLINK SUBMISSION TOOL - coz we all know how well some of those work! (You submit you article to the 100s of directories and only a few are accepted because they haven't been submitted manually)

Directory Submitter is like a supercharged manual way to build one way quality backlinks (Google's favourite kind) to your articles, blogs or websites. Under the free arrangement you can submit to 350 directories! (You gotta be crazy to turn this one down)