That's me! Elizabeth Nesbitt
My name us Elizabeth Nesbitt and among all the sites or blogs I own, Mwah ha ha Money is my favourite. It's my baby (just don't tell my kids that). Its a pleasure to come and share my knowledge with you guys.

Mwah ha ha Money.blogspot.com is not just an example of how you can use free services to start a career in Internet Marketing it's much more special than that. It's also the place where I publish the same advice that I give my family and friends when they ask about making money online.

Here you will find what you have been searching for all along - free, honest making money online advice and techniques. However I have bigger plans for you. I intend to take you from your day job...
  • no money
  • no website
  • no product
  • no experience
And give you exactly what you need to create your own online business - your own world wide (web) domination. 

Before I go on, I want to pose a riddle. 

What do Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, Marconi, Alessandro Volta (battery-1800), Thomas Savery (steam engine) all have in common? 

Other than the fact that they were all inventors, what made them different from all the other inventors who tried and failed? It's an important question - 95% of Internet Marketers fail so you need to know the answer to this one.

I will tell you...soon. But I'm going to make you wait because I want you to think about this one. 

There is no such thing as quick money online. If you want to strike it big go and buy a lottery ticket....the odds are better. This is about a business. I want you to think about this seriously. You didn't learn the job you have now overnight. Making money online takes time and effort and skill. You need to be savvy. 

None of us are born with
skills...we learn them
Let's put it another way. When you were born did you know how to read? Me neither yet look at us now. So how did we get here? 

First and foremost we had instruction from somebody that was wiser than ourselves. A mentor.

Then we had to practice - we had to apply the skills that we were learning from our teachers, our mothers, our older siblings.

And finally, we had to be patient - this is important...

Patience gave us the ability to forgive ourselves when we made mistakes, to persevere when we things got tough, to keep practicing and keep learning from our tutor.

You aren't going to get rich overnight. You aren't going to wake up and find your PayPal account overflowing with money. You are going to learn from those who have had success before you, take it one day at a time and build a name for yourself.

I should also point out that anyone can learn to read...but not all of us all become word class authors. You've heard me say it before - 95% of new Internet Marketers fail. So what's the difference between winning and failing?
It's all about the attitude, baby.

I asked you earlier about what all those world changing inventors had in common...it was this...

I'm handing you a light bulb moment here...this
will mean the difference between you succeeding
online and crawling back to your day job. 
They all believed that there was an answer to the problem. This is a light bulb moment guys. These guys BELIEVED that there WAS an answer and they didn't rest until they found it. They didn't hope that there was. They didn't think that there was.

Could you imagine what the world would be like if the Wright brothers let their first failures ground them forever? 

How long did Edison spend trying to find the right metal filament that would light his bulb?

They didn't just think "Wouldn't that be cool if this worked..."

THEY KNEW THAT THERE WAS A SOLUTION to their problem and while the rest of the world scorned them, mocked them, laughed behind their backs, they just kept plugging along until they found a formula that worked. Now, you know that there are ways to make money on the Internet - thousands of people are already doing it. But do you truly believe that there's a way for you to succeed online? 

This is your chance to take Wilbur and Orville's plane...and make it yourself. Or better yet, build a plane that will take you higher than 10 feet. To build a plane that will take you further than 120 feet. To build a business that will take you and your family to financial security.

Maybe you won't ever reach the point where you are just rolling around in filthy great piles of money but I'm betting an extra hundred dollars a week would make a difference, right? That's not a huge ask - it's a very do-able goal - I can help to take you there,


But you must do the work.

And you must promise me that you will never say die. 

So welcome. Welcome to the first phase of making money online. 

Welcome to Mwah ha ha Money.