Sunday, 21 October 2012

Crash Course In Article Spinning (with 25 free backlinks)

Yep, I'm namedropping today. If you want to skip the crash course and get your 25 free backlinks, then head on over to Social Monkee. You'll ned to use a spinner to get those links so if you have any doubts, stay tuned....

Articles spinners are a wonderful time saver but they are somewhat overwhelming to new users. I'm going to introduce you to some new characters on your keyboard, some cool websites you can use to spin your content and explain why you should be very cautious about using duplicate content on your webpages.

Firstly...why? Over the past couple of years, Google has done some major overhaul to their algorithms. More than ever they are focusing on finding websites which are user orientated. In very simple terms,

Google likes sites that are:

  • Easy to navigate
  • User friendly
  • Is popular among other sites (having lots of links pointing to it)
  • Rich in keywords and accurately (META) tagged 
  • Relevant to those keywords/tags
AND full of new original content. 

Google will actually penalise sites that have duplicate content. It doesn't add to the user experience. It's nothing new, nothing informative. They also see it as cheating the a way of stuffing extra keywords in or as outright plagiarism. Contents sites like HubPages won't tolerate duplicate content either and have been known to ban members for cheating the system.

So there's a few options. You can buy pre-written articles You can pay someone to write for you. Or you can use a spinner to turn your single article or blog post into "original" content that you can post all over the net.

There are some article spinners online that are totally free to use. Keep in mind you get what you pay for. Most of these spinners will not save your work for future spinnings. Most of them won't have a built in dictionary and auto-spin features. Most of them are a little time consuming and involve a little bit of brain power and need a little forethought.

Before you get started, let me introduce the curly Brackets. They look like this....
And you'll find them some where near your Enter key on your keyboard, along with the vertical parenthesis. You'll have to hold the Shift key down when you use them. 

When you use an article spinner, you'll be taking a few words wrapping the {curly brackets} around them and providing the software with some options to chose from, some synonyms. You'll be using this parenthesis | to tell the software that it has an option, that it can use one word or the other.  

The sunset was so beautiful this evening that I had to get my camera out and capture the moment. 

(Not really, today's sunset was crap).

So the adjectives (descriptive words) are easiest to spin. We can switch the word beautiful with....what? Stunning. Breathtaking. Spectacular. All of them....

The sunset was so {beautiful | stunning | breathtaking | spectacular} this evening that I had to get my camera out and capture the moment.

We can also spin entire sentences which really changes the make-up of your article. It changes the word count or character count quite significantly. It provides more variables and makes it more difficult for Google to associate with duplicate content or work out that the article has been spun.

The sunset was so {beautiful | stunning | breathtaking | spectacular} {yesterday | this evening | tonight} that {I had to get my camera out and capture the moment | we sat on the beach and soaked it in | we lost track of time}.




  • The first sentence, the first paragraph is the most important - don't spin it. Rewrite your intro every time.  Make it rich in keywords and make sure that it entices the reader to keep reading. 
  • Change the word count - add or remove a sentence here and there.
  • Don't spin the punctation - leave the full stops or comma's on the outside of the {curly brackets}.
  • To help you understand where I've added the vertical parenthesis, in my examples, I've hit the space bar. You won't need to do that with your spinning software. As long as there's a single space before the curly brackets and after the curly brackets, there will be a single space before and after the synonyms. 
  • You don't need a 100 copies of the same article. Don't be sucked in by the promise of creating hundreds of new original articles from one old blog post. The more you spin, the more similar those articles will be. It defeats the purpose of spinning it beyond recognition for what it is...a duplicate. Personally, I don't think I've spun more than 10 "new" articles from the original...... one each for the major content sites, the blogs and the website I've written it for. That's ample. 
  • Stick with it. Trial and error. The first time you spin, you'll think it would be quicker to just write new articles but stay with it. Once you get past that learning curve, you'll be amazed at how much time you'll save. 

Did I mention that you get what you pay for?

The first article rewriter with built in lexical processor 

Extreme Word Spinner

Tonnes of nice features. 10-20 free spins per day, depending on whether you are a free member or a free guest. 

Free Article Spinner
This one is as simple as it gets.


You can also find free spinners that are downloaded onto your PC and some of them have nice features too. It really depends on your needs.


There's the paid spinners. Things like Rapid Rewriter

One of my favourite spinners comes free with a membership at Killer Content and it's very flexible, it has a huge built in dictionary, automated features, I can link my blogs/sites to it and publish the "new" article from my Dashboard at Killer Content....I love it. (Killer Content also provide an enormous library of pre-written articles to spin....hence the name!)

Okay, the moment you've been waiting for. Before you head over to Social Monkee and get your free 25 backlinks (every day!) go ahead and post your comments or questions below. Rate. Comment. Subscribe. Whatever.

Hope everyone has a smashing week ahead of them and I'll be back with some more cool tips and tricks soon. It must be time for another case study, eh? Go ahead, get your requests in...what do you want to learn about next?