Saturday, 28 July 2012

Early Trends & Olympic Opening Ceremony

Just a brief post as I'm absorbed in the Opening Ceremony. I've briefly been through all my twitters account, my Fb pages, blogs, etc, making updates and reading comments.... it blows me away how many people come out of the woodwork for events like this. I'm not particularly patriotic/nationalistic but I make exceptions for the Olympics an I think the rest of the world does too.

So what are you doing about it? There's some fantastic keywords that are being used and abused right now. Who had the sense to write some posts (or HubPage Hubs or Squidoo Lens's) and cash in on those keywords through AdSense? Last week, those keywords were worth pittance. Next month...they'll be worth less.

But here and now...this week... they will be profitable.

Which makes me reflect on the tides of internet marketing. Trends come and go but if you're quick, if you have a little foresight then you can make a relatively easy dollar.

Whether you're using PPC or writing articles stuffed with affiliate links or building websites...that bit of foresight will make a huge difference. I've said before that much of your time and research should go into choosing great keywords and I stand by that notion but I want to give you some examples of how timing will also affect the level of success you have in Internet Marketing.

Example #1

Hypothetically, you wake one morning to watch the early morning news and discover that Brittany has shaved her hair off. This is huge news. It's going to take the world by storm by lunch time. Like a journalist looking for a lead, you need to get in early if you're going to make a dime. So you jump online, you whip up a few articles or blog posts and run a quick AdWords campaign.

By 9am, when people have finished reading the newspaper or they've watched the news on the telly or they've heard it on the radio.... they're going to be flocking to their computers to learn more. Those keywords will be a bargain today... but next week, when everyone else has caught on, you'll be paying through the nose for them.

Example #2 Based on a true story

One savvy marketer got wind on a new Apple product, an iPhone if I remember correctly. He went and picked up a domain name and for the next year, he spent countless hours in front of his computer hunting for every scrap of info about the product itself, the app's, the user tips, the rumours etc. and he published it all on a site. It was gruelling. He slept little. There were many late nights and one heck of an unimpressed wife.

One year later when the product was released and all the other marketers were scrambling to put together a site or find decent keywords..... his site was mature. It was established as the largest and most informative site and obviously ranked incredibly well coming second only to the official Apple URL's. This site did so well that the owner soon employed two other persons to write posts and keep it up to date.

One guys spends the day browsing the net looking for titbits of news or tips before writing posts and when he clocks off the next guy takes over doing the same. Last time I checked, that site was being updated with keyword rich news almost every hour, sometime twice an hour.

The tides of the internet really ARE forever changing - not to say that your need the latest get rich quick software or system just to keep up with those changes. Consider that journalist who wakes up early to get the best bits of gossip before the competitors get wind of it. Keywords like "weight loss diet" have been used and abused by so many marketers that they aren't even worth my time. Yes there's a market...but it's flooded.

The alternative is to seek out those keywords that aren't keywords today. To peruse the trending info that you can find all over the internet. To keep yourself up to date with current affairs and online gossip. And more importantly, to recognise an opportunity to act early when you stumble across it.

Alright...back to the Opening Ceremony. May the best land win!!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!

Oi! Oi! Oi!

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