Sunday, 20 May 2012

Some Things You Just Can't Teach

I like to compare this whole "making money online" journey to that of a childhood education. You start off as a greenhorn...the smallest fish in the biggest pond... and slowly you begin to take on knowledge & you grow. You create more articles, or more blogs, or more websites. When you first learned the five times tables, it was tough...maybe you had to whisper your way through the working out before you could call out the answer. These's second nature.

Just as the first time you write an article, the first time you try to put an affiliate banner in the sidebar of your very first's tough. You might even need some help, someone to bounce idea's off. And there are dozens (if not hundreds) of places you can find that help. For free. (They're called forums, people...find yourself an IM Forum)

But there are some things that you just can't teach. There are some lessons that just can't be taught. Bill Gates once visited a high school to talk to the students there about the things that they did not and could not learn in a classroom.

I've decided to share this here today because the PRINCIPLES he spoke of apply to me and you just as much as they do to those students. It's about perseverance in the face of difficulty and about WORKING for what you want.

There is NO QUICK FIX. No easy way to make money online. It's going to take time and effort but if you're willing to put in the hard work (and if you can find a little niche market crying out for your attention) then you will succeed.

Would love to hear your feedback & feel free to share.

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