Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Most Purchased Items Online

What are the most purchased items on the Internet? The biggest sellers, the most frequently bought products that are sold online? "If I wanted to start an online business... WHAT SHOULD I SELL ONLINE?"

HA!! Everybody changes the subject when you ask that question. Today, I've got some numbers for you. Not just numbers, but some data about WHO is buying those items... because there's no sense selling hotdogs to vegetarians. You want to target these niches, hone in and cater to their every need.  Excited? So am I....

These numbers are a little dated, but still very relevant.


But it's not enough to know what was bought...who was buying it. 
To help you create targeted campaigns, please read on.
  • Among internet users, the highest percentage shopping online is in South Korea, where 99% of those with internet access have used it to shop, followed by the UK (97%), Germany (97%), Japan (97%); the US is eighth, at 94%.
  • In South Korea, 79% of these internet users have shopped in the past month, followed by the UK (76%) and Switzerland (67%); the US is at 57%.
  • TRAVEL & ACCOMMODATION: The 4th favourite shopping category online - More than 70% of Indians and more than 60% of Irish and UAE internet users said they bought airline tickets and/or made reservations on the internet in the last 3mths.
  • 1 in 4 users have bought DVD's or video's in the past three months. Specifically, The UK = 44%, Sth Africans = 38% and in fifth place the USA = 31% of users had purchased DVDs or video's.

But think about this. The countries who are purchasing the most items, may not be spending the most money. Have you worked out that by selling books, you may make a a couple of dollars per sale, but as an affiliate for an airline company, you could make a whole lot more money with a lot less work. 

You still need to do some research of your own before you can tailor a business campaign that will fulfil its potential. Smarter not harder. Having said that, I would rather have $10 in the bank than nothing at all. 

You still have to set yourself apart from the crowds of marketers out there who are better equipped than you and who are in no mood to share their cut of the profits. So how can you target crowds effectively? 

If you read my two previous posts, you'll see that women make up the majority of shoppers. You'll also see that women are very susceptible to impulse buys (sales, time limits, etc). And you'll see that both men & women prefer to buy from sites that look professionally built.

Read these posts carefully, because there are gems of valuable info in both of them.

What DO Female Shoppers Want? (How to target shoppers effectively)

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