Sunday, 11 December 2011

Internet Marketing: The Age Of Female Consumers

Fact: Women are the world's most powerful consumers.
If you are marketing anything to anyone, you are likely to be marketing to women.  Women: 
  • influence more than 83% of consumer purchasing decisions, 
  • buy over half of all new vehicles,
  • make up 40% of business travellers. 
This is the age of female consumers. It makes sense then to know you market. This post is going to shed some light on female consumers - I've checked the figures, I've crunched the numbers and I'm going to share some insights with you.
Why Do Women Shop Online?
I asked my Facebook friends about whether or not they shop online, what they shop for & what is holding them back. Not surprisingly, their answers were parallel with statistics. 

Women will shop:

  • to save time
  • to get a better selection
  • to research a product (they are shopping for info, not necessarily a product) OR
  • to be educated about their choices
  • to get better value
  • for anonymity
  • it makes sense logistically - there is no local store or it's easier to buy online & have delivered directly to the giftee.
How Much Shopping Do Women Do?

I've mentioned some percentages above, but in case they don't mean anything to you, let's think about this another way. After sleeping, working and spending time with family women spend time online. Of all the things that take up our time, spending time online ranks number four. Keep in mind that that figure is for ALL women - single urban women will spend more time online than the newlywed with twin babies.

One study undertaken a few years ago found that 41% of women preferred to shop online. Many of these women scoffed at the myth that women love to shop; they griped about the indifferent sales staff, the arduous task of finding the right size, the right colours and long lines behind undertrained cashiers. Many retailers have forgotten that they not only need to help customers in to the stores, but also to get out of them with minimal fuss.

Some Facts To Bear In Mind
Interestingly, women are more brand-loyal than men, particularly to companies they feel support them and the issues that concern them. (Remember my last post about women wanting to feel understood?)                      
Women love descriptions and not just the description on the back of the box - they want to see the product in context (the bedspread on the bed, with the lamps & the lighting) and they want to hear from other women who have used that brand, service or product.

When selling to women online, keep in mind that trust is a huge obstacle to overcome. We do this in many ways. We provide photo's of ourselves on the Contact Page or in our Bio box, we can create video's and we pay attention...provide honest and objective opinions & descriptions. We want to be that woman's smart best friend.

Women in the 45-55 age group are most likely to impulse buy because of a limited time offer, free delivery or a sale - this age group makes up 55% of impulse buyers.

About 47% of men and women will buy from websites that appear to have been built professionally. Don't panic. It isn't hard to achieve a professional look, even if it's your first time. There are many website builders (e.g., which you can use to create a great looking website. Think classic. Think black & white or something chic. Go and check out the competition and see how other websites have been built.

Well that's it from me but I'm going to be spending this month looking into online shopping trends and statistics, the most commonly purchased items on the internet, where the money and more so come back and join me soon. :P

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