Saturday, 24 September 2011

The "One Thing" #10

This "One Thing" you need to succeed online is directed to affiliates but don't think for a moment that it doesn't apply to every internet marketer. This "One Thing" will help to:
  • Establish you as a provider of good value
  • Set you apart from other affiliates
  • Give prospects a reason to buy from you 
  • Give customers a reason to come back
  • Build your status as the expert in your niche
  • Build your status, period.
 Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Also sounds like a whole lot of work but it really isn't. Not once you get into the swing of things. Today's "One Thing" is to

Create Bonuses To Establish More Value

This is where you can really set yourself apart from other affiliates who are promoting the same product(s). How far you want to take this depends on the resources you have and the time you want to invest in this marketing tactic.

I have seen membership sites having a sales letter style page of bonuses offering more PLR ebooks than one could read in a life time. I've also seen other marketers telling me to send them my receipt number and they'll email a bonus report. This is only as difficult as you make it.

There are a few options then. You can ask for receipt numbers to cross reference with your own data before emailing a bonus or two. That's fine. It has a nice personal touch. But, it is time consuming to an affiliate with a time limit.

The alternative then is to have customers redirected to a download page after they have finished purchasing the original product. The great thing about this, although it does require a little more preparation, it is very set and forget which is ideal if you have your foot in many markets.

I reminded you in "One Thing" #9 that you have all those PLR ebooks and reports gathering dust on your hard drive - this is yet another use for them. Not all ebooks/reports will have resell rights or the master resell rights (which gives you permission to amend the content & include your affiliate links or links back to your site. Read the fine print.

QUESTION: Have you created an ebook of your own yet? Want to know how I create many of mine? I have a membership at Killer Content. Killer Content was created by a rather successful marketer named Socrates (this guy is a genius with mailing lists!) and it's his personal library of PLR articles which he has accumulated over the years. Membership starts at about $40 and there are literally 1000's of article arranged according to dozens of niches and hundreds of sub-niches. Can't praise this membership site enough - the training video's (40+ hours of them) are incredible.

In the dashboard Killer Content there is a feature which allows users to spin their choice of articles into an ebook or report. I can go through and turn each article into a chapter, rearrange the chapters any which way I please and publish in a fraction of the time it would take me to write from scratch. Seriously good value, check it out here.

Note: You cannot use the Ebook/Report Generator with a premium membership, you'll have to upgrade to gold. If that is the road you want to go own (I don't regret it for a minute) then I recommend keeping your eyes out for last chance pages (if you turn down the first offer, you will be offered the same deal at a smaller price).

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