Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Suprise!! I have a treat for you...

So I was thinking about what I've learned this far in my journey of becoming a successful internet marketer and I asked myself

"If there was just ONE thing that I had to tell new marketers to help them succeed, what would it be?"

Here's the fun bit!!

There isn't ONE! There are ton's. So many newbies make the mistake of trying to find that magic bullet, that one key to change their lives, that one piece of software, that one system, that one method. That one golden goose that will bring an endless stream of riches...

And it doesn't exist! 

So for the rest of the month, I am going to be sharing with you ONE thing(s) that changed my life as an internet marketer. One thing each day that I want you to learn and earn from.

I'm uber excited about this idea - I've got my list right here and as I look through it, I think back to my early days and wonder,

"How on earth did I make it this far? How did I manage to figure this stuff out?"

I think back to the dodgy mistakes I made when I started - directing traffic to the wrong site, using lame calls to action, wasting time gathering data instead of diving in the deep end, wasting time on the shiny things instead of focusing on the structure of my sites - and it's surprise I'm still here. I was distracted by the icing when I hadn't figured out that there was a cake that needed my attention first!

Do NOT mistake me - I am no guru. I still have much to learn and that's what I love about IM - although the icing on the cake is ever changing, the cake itself is forever standing.

So what are these ONE things? The icing or the cake? This is why I'm excited. I'm giving you the recipe for the "cake". And once you have that recipe, the foundation on which to build, you can dress it up with any old icing you like.

Sounds like a plan to me! Okay, I have some tweets to make and some writing to do...but whatever you're off to do now...stay tuned - this is going to be worth it.

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