Thursday, 22 September 2011

The "One Thing" #9

Keeping this one super quick today, which may be a relief for some of you!! One quick question before we get started...

How many products do you have gathering proverbial dust on your hard drive that have PLR rights?

IMer's seem to be hooked on these free ebooks and reports - I've even picked up software with rebrandable rights.

PLR - You Got It? Then USE it! 

Remember how I'm always prattling on about how you have all these resources at you fingertips that you might not even recognize as being resources? Like the example of the IM'er who was using spam to create content (true story, btw) PLR ebooks are one of those resources that you probably have in abundance...but aren't actually using. 

Recycling content is something that you should familiarize yourself with if you aren't already capable of this. Let's clear this up first - no, I don't mean duplicate content. I mean rewriting the same info in different formats (Q&As, Top 5's, Pro's vs Con's etc)

PLR =  Private Label Rights. It means that you can use preexisting content for any purpose you please. When you are reading the not very fine print at the start of the ebook's/report's you're looking for permissions to resell, master resell rights and distribution rights. 

If you do have permissions, then you can stuff them full of your own links (to your site or affiliate link) and start handing them out, give them to your mailing list, use them as a bonus when somebody buys from you, hand them out to anyone and everyone who wants it, might want it, or has a friends who wants it.

And one last doesn't work if you don't DO IT

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