Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The "One Thing" #8

Of all the cliche's, this one is in on my top 5 list - "Take Action!!" Absolutely hate it. But here I am about to tell you the same...


For the past week I have given you "One Thing" each day. Many of them have their own little bonus or homework that you can apply each day...

How many of you have DONE THEM?? Tsk, tsk. Now you're just asking for an example!

Don't let a good opportunity pass you by...
How many of you have heard rumour of Google moving towards building hardware? The speculation has been going on for years. As I sit writing this post tonight, somewhere in the world, other marketers are taking action. They are seeking out info that few others know about, building backlinks, establishing themselves in the search engines and within the niche. Others are waiting to see how it all pans out before diving in.

And we see this all the time. There were keywords that didn't exsist this morning. Then a story breaks on a Currant Affairs and savvy marketers race to the computer, throw up a few web pages, monetize them with AdSense & affiliate products then run a quick PPC campaign. By the time people are opening their newspapers at breakfast and switching on their computers tomorrow, these marketers have positioned themselves to take full advantage of the new found keywords.

This techniques peaks in the morning as people open their papers, dies off at lunchtime, then picks up again after the 5pm news - it may only be profitable for a few days, (or weeks if you're lucky) but while everyone else is thinking about it, you are doing it.


That's not really the point.

The point is that many new marketers get stuck in research mode. They think that they have to gather enough data and research keywords and test the market when in fact, their competition are out their DOING all the things they should be doing. Action. Take it. NOW.

In one of the forums I frequent, I have a beautiful signature: A diamond is just a lump of coal...that finished what it started.

The next time you buy some software, the next time you discover a new tip or trick, or discover a new service or have a lightbulb moment...apply it immediately OR position yourself so that you can start to apply it - open a new window, some tabs, load the pages you'll need to remind yourself of what needs doing tomorrow.

Actin. Take it. NOW. Get into the habit of DOING. Sometimes you just have to dive in head first and smooth of the rough edges another day when you understand the system a little bit better.

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