Monday, 19 September 2011

The "One Thing" #7

This one is a brilliant Internet Marketing strategy - that isn't really Internet Marketing! This "One Thing" will bust through Inbox's and stomp all over the competition. I was just telling the guys over at the IM Forum about how I.'ve been avoiding my Inbox recently. It's not like me. I usually can't wait until my designated time to get over there & find out if anything exciting has happened.

Truthfully, I know what's waiting there for me. Junk and spam that slipped through the filter, domain name and hosting bargain (if I act right now) and other marketers pushing their products on me. In short...crapola.

Everyday I go through and delete dozens of these crappy emails that find their way to me. How about you? Ever go through and delete unread emails?

On the other side of the equation, how can you make sure that your subscribers are getting the message? How can you cut through the Inbox and ensure that your message is being heard?

Send them some snail mail!!

If you think that sounds a bit odd then step back from the situation & think about it. If you send me an email and the subject line isn't enticing, is too pushy, is too good to be true, is full of !!!'s and things like "Paypal" or "Clickbank" or "$3083.48 in one day!"....

Then I'm going to delete it. Pronto. Without a second thought.

On the other hand, you send me a letter with my hand written name on it...and I'm going to tear that baby open before I reach my front door! So this works. This is how you can reach your market on a private & personal level, bust your way through the Inbox & get right into their homes.


Remember a decade ago when Dulux paints started handing out paint tins full of jelly beans when you bought a big tin of their paint? I picked mine up recently. This marketing strategy is pure genius! This tin of jelly beans is going to be INSIDE MY HOME for weeks - months even - reminding my family of Dulux.

However...the day will come when only the black jelly beans remain. So how does Dulux counter this sad, sad day and create an even bigger impact on the customer? They stuff a stuffed animal into the jelly bean tin too! That's right, we have a 30cm version of the Dulux all his glory.

This dog goes everywhere with my baby David - it's not even two weeks old and this thing is filthy already. It goes to bed with him, it sits on the bathroom floor during bath times, it has it's own chair at dinner time. It's gong to be hanging around for a long, long time to come. Every time he drags this thing around the shops with him, people see it, they comment on it, they love it! Which is exactly what the Dulux marketers had planned for it - more exposure and a bigger impact.

How does this help you? Think about it...your company name all over a little fridge magnet calender. It's gong to be on their fridge all year long, every time your subscriber gets hungry, they're going to see your name on the fridge. Every time they need to check the date, they're going to see your name You could do it yourself without blowing your budget - it's a magnet, some card and some ink cartridges for your printer.

The more outrageous the gift, the bigger the impact, the more likely the person is to share their eventful trip to the letterbox with their friends - my friends, my family, my Facebook friends have all heard about this Dulux dog & Baby David.

I've heard of coconuts be sent for this purpose. I've heard of inscribed sea shells. I've heard of some fugly looking novelty items. Whatever your budget permits you to spend (remember to do this out of your profits, do not blow your budget on this "One Thing") make sure it's something that has your name (your product, brand or website) attached to it and it's something that's going to get talked about for a long time to come.

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