Sunday, 18 September 2011

"One" Thing #5

The next one thing is full of potential...if and ONLY IF you actually do it. Todays one thing can help to establish your reputation, increase your click through rate, get people signing up, put money in the bank and more.

Todays "One Thing" is to

Use an eBook instead of a business card

A free report or ebook has so many uses - we use them:
  • as incentive to get people on our mailing lists
  • as added value when people buy something
  • as part of our viral marketing strategies
But they have a lot more potential than that.  When we use eBooks/reports like they, there are usually some strings attached - people have to buy something to get it, or hand over their email address. I'm talking about an obligation free, no strings attached eBook or report that you:
  • Attach to your emails when you send newsletters or emails to subscribers. 
  • Hand out to visitors, no strings attached.
  • Give to other webmasters (if you allow them to add a link or two - without removing yours or editing it in any way - then they have an invested interest in making sure they pass it on to their own mailing lists & visitors.
  • Give to anyone and everyone related to your niche

But there is a trick to this. You MUST keep in mind that this is a form of business card - not a sales letter. Not a 10 page report about what you makes the best. Not about making money as such.

It's about exposure. About making a name for yourself - building your reputation. About sharing PROOF that you know what you're talking about. About building trust. About giving not taking. By all means, write about what makes you different from all the others, what products/services you offer & why people should use your products/services. But use this ebook to PROVE it.

Give, not take. Teach, not sell. Value, not promises.
I am yet to find a better example that Potpiegirl's DAM marketing report - in this report she shared her step by step method of Direct Article Marketing and encouraged readers to share it with everyone they loved...and then she reaped the benefits of having people sign up for the full course and of people's trust. 

If you haven't already read it, you'll be blown away my how much info she shares & that's EXACTLY what you want people to feel when they read yours. Give the reader something valuable that they can benefit from immediately and watch it go viral.

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