Thursday, 15 September 2011

The One Thing #3

This "One Thing" is common sense - pure and simple - and yet many new marketers FAIL. Perhaps it's one of those things which seems too easy to make any possible influence over the success of you Internet Marketing ventures. If that's the way you feel, your loss. Examine ANYone who has ever made a name for themselves in anything and you'll find the "One Thing" #3...

Having A Plan

The more detailed and specific, the better. I'm not talking about thinking "Okay, here it is... I'm going to build a website, make backlinks, write some articles and BOOM! Money in the bank!"

I'm talking about having a written formula that you intend to follow. I suggest that you keep it somewhere you can see it, so that when you are having one of those day dreaming moments, you can stare at your plan instead.

I don't care if you put a whiteboard above your computer, if you print it out on some fluro paper, if you use it as your screen saver or even if it's hand drawn...make it.

Get yourself organized. You would be very surprised just how much time you can save yourself (and invest in the finer things of life - like family) if you just organized yourself a little better. It's obvious stuff like putting the pens next to your paper, stamps with envelopes and backing up your computer files. These changes take moments to make...and they have a huge impact on your productivity.

But I'm getting distracted. That's not what this "One Thing" Internet Marketers need to succeed is about. This "One Thing" is about building your Internet Marketing business with a strategic, methodical business plan.

You would think I was insane if I suddenly announced that I was going to enter the fast food industry without a solid plan. Consider the size of your niche, specifically the numbers of competition you face. This is NOT an option - this is "One Thing" that WILL make a difference between success and failure.

A solid plan is:
  • Going to keep you on task
  • Keep you focused
  • Let you do more methodical work in less time
  • Going to make outsourcing a whole lot easier when you hire people for different tasks
  • Sure to quell the fears of your family who think that the amount of time you spend online is crazy - they can SEE what you're doing with your time.
  • Let you work smarter not harder
  • Help you delegate tasks to others (if you have a big business)
BONUS TIP: This is the reason I began "One Thing #1 (competing against myself) that I could get on the job experience teting different plans on different sites. Your plan doesn't have to be set in stone. It needs to be flexible (because the trends of the Internet and marketing itself are ever changing) but it does need to be comprehensive enough to let you see what needs doing and when.

So there are a lot of different ways that you can go about creating some sort of plan and the preference is purely personal. How far you want to take this "One Thing" is totally up to you but we can safely say that a plan which has been devised with a mentor or business planning specialist is probably going to be more effective than a plan which consists of a to-do-list scribbled on the back of your napkin.

Get into the habit of learning these "One Thing(s)" and APPLYING them immediately.

One Thing you need to do today:
  • Create a checklist
  • A blueprint
  • A map of you webpages - the journey your visitors take from the search engines to the sales page
  • A To-Do-List
  • A a business plan - of your resources and your sites and your goals.
  • Write down your goals - and don't forget to write down all you have accomplished this far. 
  • Or if you're really on top of your'll do all of them.
This is where I encourage you to do it, and do it properly. There's no point in doing things in halves. And as a little extra incentive, let's assume that your written plan actually works and it makes you a small fortune along the way...then what?

You sell it to newbies, of course!!

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