Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The "One Thing" #2

We're learning all of the "one" things that helped to change my failures to success as an online marketer. For the record, there is NO ONE THING that will make you successful as an Internet Marketer...but there are several "one things" that will make a huge difference IF and ONLY if you actually APPLY THEM.

The "One Thing" Internet Marketers Need To Succeed #2 is...

To do a favour!

Yep, do something nice for another marketer and they'll remember you for it. I've got a little thing going on at YouTube at the moment which involves me publishing someone's video's to 10 different sites for free. This hook is so brilliant, I don't even have to bait it!!

Once I've given them the URL's and they can see that I have done what was promised. I can go back in a few days and offer to publish the next video(s) to another 30 odd sites for a reasonable price (no less than $15 for one video to 30 sites). Little do they know that using Pixelpipe, this job takes me just a few minutes to accomplish.

But that's just one example, it's by no means the be all and end all of doing favours. Doing ANYTHING of value for another webmaster or marketer is going to line you up for countless opportunities - backlinks from high PR sites, traffic, potential leads but best of all....

A word of mouth recommendation.

When that marketer is sitting around having a beer with his other marketer buddies, if your name comes up you are in a very valuable position. If you have been recommended to a friend, you can charge that friend nearly twice as much for a similar service. And the friend will be happy to pay it because somebody he trusted gave you his seal of approval.

That's how powerful word of mouth is. So get out there and do something nice for somebody else, you can never have to many connections.

PS - You could always start by doing something nice for me...just sayin'

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