Thursday, 29 September 2011

The "One Thing" #17

Earlier this month I gave you "One Thing" that you need to succeed as an Internet Marketer that seemed a little out of place. This "One Thing" is an extension of that.

Learn to Play Nice with fellow marketers.

You can do this many ways:

  • Send them some constructive criticism - I would rather have someone send me an honest "You've made a mistake" email than a testomonial. 
  • Send them a testomonial - they are great, but they don't help you to IMPROVE and further your business
  • Do them a favour - without being asked, no strings attached
  • Participate on their blogs/forums
Al these things are things you would expect from a friend and that's the point of this "One Thing" you need to succeed. Having someone to watch your back, offer second opinions, or collaborate with is INVALUABLE.

FACT: An author does NOT distribute books. Just like the publisher doesn't write them. A marketer is NOT a programmer. Just like the programmer knows he isn't a marketer.

THE POINT: No big project can succeed in the  hands of one man. When looking for JV's (Joint Ventures) or partnership, look for people who compliment your skill set - someone who has the skills or resources that you don't have.

On another note, remember than the more people who invest their time ad resources into your project, the more people who have an invested interest into seeing it success.

Example: When somebody stars in your newsletter, they tell all their friends & family to check it out. Another example? Affiliate marketing.

FACT: Internet Marketing is lonely work, in a cutthroat world, true friends are few and far between.

THE POINT: Nurture friendships with other marketers before you actually need them.

And trust day, you will NEED them. Whether it's some techy troubleshooting with someone, or you need another set of eyes to proof read something that your are too involved in, the day will come when you need somebody to watch your back, share their experiences, and collaborate with.

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