Thursday, 29 September 2011

The "One Thing" #16

Gather data and Guard it with your life

This "One Thing" follows on from yesterdays "One Thing" you need to succeed as an internet marketer but it is not exculsive to mailing lists. Data is an incredibly valuable asset to your internet marketing business - whether that's home based or otherwise.

The more data you have acquired, the more targeted your campaigns become - whether that's your mailing list or your AdWords campaigns. The more targeted your campaign, the less of a gamble you are taking.

You know that moment when you realize that an AdWords campaign isn't working? And you think to yourself "All that money I've just wasted!"? Well I remind you again that perception is everything....

Whilst getting my 4 yr old ready for bed, I planted a big squishy kiss right on his forehead. A moment later, when I turned back to him, I found him wiping it off again. looking extremely guilty he quickly reassured me

"I'm rubbing it in Mum,"

Btw, this kid is going to make a very fine husband one day with tact like THAT! It's actually an ongoing joke in the house. He always wipes it dry after a kiss and we joke around whether or not he's wiping it off...or rubbing it in.

The point is, that you haven't just wasted money on a failed ad've bought data. Question is how to use it. How can you use information about what people DON'T like and tailor your next campaign to fit?

On another note...KEYWORDS...

Many of us have come to learn that it is the right choice of keywords and a large number of backlinks which makes or breaks a website, blog or article. Keywords are ESSENTIAL. Spend as long as you need researching them, finding the right one's for you. And record the data that you gather along the way.

Not just the keywords, their searches each month, the number of competition....but also the keywords that DON'T work or DIDN'T have the success you wanted or were expecting. It's al data.

But the real point that I want to make...and consider this your official warning... is that...


Ensure you back up your files and your data before you learn that lesson the hard way. We all know that we "should" back up our system on a regular basis...but less than 20% of us actually DO IT.

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