Monday, 26 September 2011

The "One Thing" #14

I have in past confessed my secret weapon of Internet Marketing. I have told you my dirty little secret. And yet here I am again about to confess how I turn a click back into a click through...

I Use Hookers

*Gasps* I know. And if I'm really honest with myself, I would have to say that they are one if the best "One Thing(s)" I've ever discovered. They turn a passerby into a reader. They make the world of difference to my Internet Marketing efforts.

Of course, the Hookers I'm talking about are just like the one that bought you here today. They are a title or a call to action that was so irresistible that it almost forced your eyes down the page.

If you can master the art of hookers (do NOT say that out loud!!)...then you also master the art of moving traffic where you want it to go. Leaving a great hooker with a call to action, or with a backlink, or as a title will draw people into your site and then send them to the next leg of their journey.

There are two main ways that I do this. I use humor or curiosity to pull at emotions.

However never underestimate pure shock value. Saying something controversial will bring people flooding in to see what the fuss is about - it can also lead to dozens of people commenting in you blog or Hub/Lens etc...although not all comments will be flattering!

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