Thursday, 29 September 2011

OMGoodness! What A Month!!

Well better late than never, I finally got all my "One Things" out of my head and into yours. Don't know if I'm sad to see the end of the month or happy that it's over.

All in all, September was a pretty good month for me. Made some friends, made some money, enjoyed the extra productivity of having a brilliant schedule/to-do-list and Bookmarking Demon running my backlink campaigns for me.

Purchased a Kindle - spent far to much money on Dr Who books and lost far to much sleep savoring every word. Not a bad little gadget actually, and I hear rumours of a new model on the way...hmm, should have waited!

And best of all, Footy season is nearly over. Can you hear that? That's the sound of people hitting the back button. I think at times this is the only house in Australia that detests Aussie Rules.

I've learned so much this month, including a lot about Facebook marketing. I somehow never managed to jump onto that band wagon. I've been trying to figure out how to kickstart a "fan" page and it tooks me far to long until it finally dawned on me.

A Facebook page is just like a blog. It's an extension of your website. And once  I FINALLY figured that one out (duh!!) everything seemed to fall into place...all the normal rules of webmastery apply.

Content is King, of course...but not so much as to spam unsuspecting +1's.

Every good website has a landing I've been discovering FBML and all the conflicting advice! I have a new landing page in place which IS working and I will be refining this next month

And of course, being a secular website means that it will need BACKLINKS. *Blushing* I'm downright ashamed to say it...but it never occurred to me to promote this page outside of Facebook. So that's been long and tiring work, setting off around the Internet with the Fb URL and dropping backlinks at every turn.

Of course the downside of this is that my case study seems to have taken the back bench. I have been fiddling around with it, and it seems to be seeing a trickle of new content, new traffic and new backlinks...but what it really needs is it's irresponsible webmistress to pay some more attention to it.

I intend to refine my choice of keywords and do just a little editing before going to town on a backlink campaign. It really needs doing because I'm going to be crunching the numbers to see whether or not an AdWords campaign wil indeed be beneficial...or will the cost outweight the profit?

We''ll see, and I'll be sure to share any progress when I finally get around to making it!

Thanks for joining me this month, I was fortunate to see some of familiar "faces" from the IMForum come and visit me here, and some of my Fb friends came by too...hi guys! The current plan is to enjoy the weekend, finish reading Dr Who (I LOVE that Kindle!!) and take a wary but well deserved break....

So I'm signing out for now, and won't be back till mid next week...unless I find something amazing that I just have to share!

Elizabeth Nesbitt

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