Friday, 2 September 2011

How To Use Google's Keyword Tool

Google's free keyword tool is a valuable asset to new Internet Marketers but you will only benefit from it if you know how to use it. This keyword tool has been provided by our busiest search engine for Google AdWords users to help us get the best value out of our PPC campaign however it is also available for the general public to use. For free.

There are of course other Keyword tools out there - some are free, some aren't - but Google's keyword tool has an easy to understand interface and offers some nice, albeit basic, features.

There are two main ways that you can use Google's Keyword tool:
  • By searching for a seed keyword
  • By typing in the URL of a website (yours or somebody else's)
These are keywords that are related to your website or business. When you put a seed keyword into the keyword tool, Google will provide you with a list of related keywords, the number of times those keywords are searched for each month according to local and world wide figures as well as providing you with an idea of how many other sites you'll be competing with.

A URL is the full web address of a website or web page. This might be your site, it might be your competitors, it might be the sales page of an affiliate product you are promoting. Google's keyword tool will analyze the website or page and provide you with a list of the most relevant or common keywords, their monthly searches and competition levels.

Choosing the keyword with the highest searches each month may also mean that you are choosing the keyword with the most competition. Finding a balance between something which is searched for frequently and something that has a low level of competition.

It's finding this balance which is going to help your SEO efforts too. When you find two or three keywords that you like you'll be using these keywords throughout your articles, your blog and website, in you titles and as you tags. These will become the words that you try to rank for, you'll be using them a LOT.

Statistically speaking, as far as converting prospects into paying customers, the typical clickthrough rate (CTR) is about 2%. This means that if there are 1000 searches for a keyword each month, and all of them somehow manage to end up on your website, then you're going to convert about 20 people. But what if you only get half of those searchers? What if you only get a hundred of them?

You aren't going to get rich building your empire on a keyword that has 1000 searches each month. Now I'm all about sub-niches and long tail keywords ad capitalizing on that log hanging fruit - and being the biggest fish in the smallest pond - but I won't pick a keyword that has less than 2000 searches. 5000 is nice.

After rummaging around in Google's keyword tool for a while and finding a few keywords that I like, I'll go over to Google's search engine and search for these keywords in "quotes" to get a feel for the number of web pages that I am competing with. You can watch the video on our Tutorial Video's page to learn about finding the optimized results and learn the exact number of pages you are competing with.

So there you have it. Knowing how to use Google's keyword tools is going to help you boost your page rank and therefore your traffic and hopefully more traffic means a higher CTR - but it doesn't always. Targeting the right type of people with the right keywords will so take the time to get to know the tools you have and use them to their fullest potential. Good luck...

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