Friday, 2 September 2011

How To Reduce The Cost PPC Campaigns

For all of you out there who are using PPC - Pay Per Click - and want to get more bang for your buck. Reduce you minimum bid - it's not difficult if you know what Google is looking for. Using AdWords or PPC can bring great traffic to your site but gets VERY expensive when you don't know what you're doing. So let's teach you what to do!

Firstly, it's important to recognize that Google critiques your website (every website which uses AdWords) with a quality score algorithm. Your score is determined by a number of factors like the bounce vs CTR (clickthrough rate), the relevance of the advert, past history of the advert and the SEO on the landing page.

Let's make this really, really simple...

High score = low minimum bid

Low score = high minimum bid

That's right, the quality of your advert & landing page directly influence the cost of your minimum bid. Often we get a little lazy with SEO once we are using PPC but SEO is something that we should never, ever neglect.

Algorithm's change from time to time but the core principles that Google uses to create those algo's don't. Google prides itself of providing the best results for it's searches. It also prides itself on giving users that "great user experience" whether or not that's by using organic traffic or PPC traffic. Raising the min. bid is Googl'es quality control. If users are continually given poor results they will eventually stop using AdWords

So how can you optimize your PPC campaign and reduce your AdWords expenses each month? You should start on the landing page.

Your landing page must be super relevant and have great SEO on it. The keywords that you're bidding on should be the primary or secondary keywords found on the landing page. If this means a different landing page for different advert, do it.

Sites that have poor user experience have a common thread that I'm sure you're familiar with. Large titles. Lots of bullet points. No external links. Poor internal link. Something like "Download now" or "Free ebook" written on it.

Sales pages, arbitrage sites, squeeze pages.

Making some quick changes and putting user experience ahead of your own bank balance is going to make a big difference to you minimum bid.

Firstly, link to content. Even on sales pages, by making some discreet links down the bottom to some articles is going to make a difference. Make sure the content is original - now is not the time to be pilfering from ezines or using PLR articles.
Of course you don't want visitors wondering around too much - ensure your link back to the sales page is always easy to find.

Ensure that the keywords on the page, the advert and the words you're bidding on match. There HAS to be a strong sense of relevancy.

Stop thinking about traffic and prospects and start thinking about people. Mother fathers, sisters brothers who have real problems and are looking for real solutions. Real people - not another number on your bank balance spread sheet. Think about the keywords you're bidding on, who are the people searching for this term? Are they going to find your site, your content worthwhile? No?

Then you need to go back and try again or continue paying those high minimum bids for your Adwords/PPc campaign.

Remember to be patient after you make some changes, it can take a while for Google to respond. So now that you have a better understanding of minimum bids and te principles of the way Google has programmed it's algorithm's, you'll find that all it take is those three key points:
  1. SEO on the landing page(s)
  2. Relevance
  3. Link to some content
And a little bit of common sense will take you a very long way...

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