Friday, 2 September 2011

The Ever So Humble to Do List

Internet Marketers NEED to have a solid to-do-list. It's essential. Knowing what you should be doing and when is going to afford you an opportunity to accomplish more work in less time. It's far too easy to let something slip through the gaps and if you're anything like me, you probably work on multiple jobs at once.

I actually have three to-do-lists according to priority and if you're the type of person who has a hyperactive organisation gland, then you may even want more.

So before we talk about schedules and checklist and to-do-list's, I'll tell you how I like to work...

I work best with to-do-lists (and I'll explain why soon). My highest priority is called my OMG Hurry Up To-Do-List. It is home to the things that need doing yesterday. It's the critical must do list that I tackle each day and yet never seem to erase everything from it.

My amber priority list is my To-Do-List. This one is home to the things that will need doing in the near future, usually within the next week.

And finally I have a Soonish List. This one is more about goals rather than things that need doing. If I intended to build a new site or start targeting a new niche, it would start on this list until I'm ready to actually start doing it. Or, if I wanted to learn about something like some HTML tags that I could use  (I'll never learn them all!) or something to do with proxies or some new software that I have my eyes on, it would be on my green light list.

Having different priorities allows me to keep things in perspective and keep moving forward. If you wanted to go a step further, you could also use an Offline List for all the other chores and jobs that need doing in you daily life - picking up kids, shopping, call the HR woman at work to ask about your paycheck - whatever it is, having it written down in front of you is going to help you attain more with less fuss.

Please note: A to-do-list if far from a schedule. I like organized, I don't like hyper-organized. A schedule would never work for me as a mother and Internet Marketer because the two world clash so much. However, if you think you will benefit from having a schedule then by all means go for it. I personally NEED to have some flexibility.

You could also consider making a checklist out of your regular online duties.For example:
  • Check emails for urgent mail (the rest can wait til the end of the day, do NOT get distracted first thing)
  • login to blog/website (that you're working on)
  • research keywords
  • research competition
  • write 4 articles
  • find photo's or video's
  • publish articles.
  • social bookmark new articles/ping/tweet/share any which way you like
  • check to see if yesterdays articles are indexed yet
  • If they are, then spin articles
  • publish articles at [your favourite] content site to create backlinks
  • check Facebook/YouTube (because you've earned a break if you wrote four articles and the spun and published yesterdays ones too!)
  • answer other emails
So that's a very basic looking list and that list could look very different tomorrow, if you need to rewrite a checklist everyday, limit the amount of time that you spend doing it because it will become very time consuming. 

There are many websites that allow you to make to-do-list's and checklists online, some of these sites also allow you to share with other people so if you have somebody who helps out sometimes - someone who proof read and checks your links, or if you have hired a copywriter you can share you list of keywords and topics and other instruction through these sites. Well worth looking into if you have a partner or "employee" of some sort.

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