Monday, 1 August 2011

Official Update - Juggling Online Work & Family

Greetings pupils.

Just a word of warning - I'm taking a day or two off to explore some new(ish) Internet Marketing systems. As always, I will be sure to let you know which ones have potential for new Internet or Affiliate Marketers...and which one's stink!

In the mean time, keep your eye out for the new videos - I was hoping to upload them as a set however do you think the kids will let me record the second one??

My favourite quote of the week came from the darling hubby who suggested "Why don't you go sit in the car for half an hour and record them?"

Biting my tongue I said to myself "Hey - here's a thought...why don't YOU go and sit in the car for half an hour and take the kids to the park with you??"

So I thought this would be a good time to mention the whole "Babies in the Boardroom" juggling the demands of parenthood and working at home - or really just working on any business in general.

I came across an article in Killer Content which had a title similar to "Childbirth taught me everything I need to know about business" and after a quick read I thought "How true!"

It's Going to be a lot more work than you think:
True - when you start a new online business everything seems like a quick job at first glance (like the 13min video that took me 10 hours to record yesterday). I suppose this is also similar to renovating an old house or boat or car - once you start taking it apart, you realize that you're going to have to replace much more than first anticipated.

It's going to be worth it in the long run:
It all boils down to picking your battles, doesn't it? Online, outsource whenever possible, make the best use of your time with a schedule - even if unexpected issues arise, at least you are on task and you know to pick up where you left off.

At home, I don't recommend that you delegate. I'm thinking about how much the teenagers complain when their given the responsibility of lawn's more headache then it's worth. However, check out your classifieds or put an ad in the wanted section of your local paper. See if you can find a responsible 16 year old (or perhaps a friend of yours may own one) who is looking for some extra moolah. I'm in Australia, I reckon the going rate is about $10/hr...and that's very generous, you could start the bidding at $5-$8/hr.

I'm thinking that a motivated teen could do the dishes, tidy the bathroom and juggle the laundry from the washing machine to dryer and start a new load in that hour. Or even play with the kids while you get the shopping etc done by yourself.

Just a thought.

There's a HUGE satisfaction of a job well done:
Also very true - there's no feeling in the world like holding your newborn. Just like words can't explain the feeling when you see your first $15 in your Clickbank account. And then see that you've made your first $100 week. And now you're making $50 days...then $100 days. So addictive! Chasing that feeling, that rush becomes somewhat of an obsession - I find myself constantly trying to up the ante and push myself further and faster than previously...though nothing quite compares to that first $100. Seriously...this is the same psychology that addicts and alcoholics go through!


As incredibly difficult as it is to try and work at home when the kids are doing their utmost to burn down the house or they're quibbling over the Xbox AGAIN...

You just have to put your nose to the grind stone and get on with it. That might involve taking advantage of the evenings or grandparents (use in moderation...they have  served their time already) or getting your partner to "babysit" for an hour or two each day, you need to make time to do what you need to in order to further your business - because that's what Internet Marketing is; a business.

Okay, enough of the pep talk, I am off to try and make this video for you whilst I only have 1 of 3 kids at home today (I love the start of the school term!) and then do some more reading about a few products I've picked up recently.

Good luck stay at home Mum's and Dads =)

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