Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New IM Forum

I stumbled my way into an Internet Marketing forum earlier this week and I have to recommend it, not because it's huge and full of valuable insight. It is in fact only a week old. I have to recommend it because the admin is trying desperately to rebuild this new version of his old forum...this means that he's going to answer your questions, pronto.

So the forum itself is called The IM Forum and it was once upon a time run known as a different forum. I couldn't imagine, and I certainly can't explain it to you, how difficult it is to get a forum up and running. It's one thing to get members, but another thing entirely to get them to contribute. Most people will ask a question, get the answers, and never even come back to share their results.

So after creating a successful forum and then having to start it all over again, I can't imagine the frustration!

So far, the owner has done well, has been on a huge advertising campaign and informed everyone from the old forum and slowly, slowly, it's starting to fill up. Which is where you come in!

If you have ever wanted some one on one tutelage, now is the time to get it. Free. Ask a question in this forum right now - today - and you are going to get some very eager moderators and admin himself jumping all over it trying to prove themselves worthy of your patronage.

So once again, this link will take you to The IM Forum - I was always very reluctant to rub shoulders with other Internet Marketers but these guys are sincere and helpful.

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