Monday, 15 August 2011

How To Write Articles That Sell | Article Templates

Enough holiday, it's time to get on with How-To month. I recently asked my Facebook friends if anyone would be interested in checking my affiliate links and doing a little proof reading and had a few replies.

And it got me thinking that we could all do with a little extra pocket money. It's just that time of year, the rates, the water, my car rego - everything seems to come in at the same time. We're also getting close enough to December to start thinking about putting some extra money aside for the holidays.

If you're my Facebook friend, welcome to Mwah ha ha Money -  to day I'm going to show you how to make a quick $100 or so, every week if you wanted to.

For the rest of my visitors, I have a question.

What's the number one problem for every webmaster, every blogger, every article marketer??

Content. Content is webmaster talk for articles. 

As internet marketers, content is king and EVERY serious marketer wants new content. Regularly.

Quality, original content, on a regular basis is essential.

So even if you have absolutely no experience with internet marketing or affiliate marketing (which is where you would get paid a commission for promoting other peoples products) you still have an opportunity to make some easy money online.

I'm going to break it down into two posts for you, I'm going to give you some templates for articles and teach you how to write articles that sell - articles that other people will buy from you.

And you're also going to find a detailed game plan, right here.  A step by step, how to write articles, how to find people to buy them and the ground rules for selling PLR articles.

PLR mean Private Label Rights - it means that you are going to be writing articles that other people can edit and use in any way they like; which means they are probably going to be doing things like adding publishing it as their own work, or adding the name of their website/blog, their affiliate links and so on.

The Plan...

Step 1: Find an internet marketing forum. Google things like,
  • internet marketing forum
  • webmasters forum
  • affiliates forum
  • etc
Step 2: Have a quick browse through the forum. Find out which niches people webmasters are in - what type of content do they want? There's no point writing a dozen articles about knitting if your webmasters own relationship websites...or weight loss websites.

Start a thread if you like. Ask people what sorts of content they would like.

Step 3: Write a package of articles. Don't panic just yet. I'm going to give you some templates and show you what webmasters want. You'll need to write a minimum of 10 articles. More even. 15 or 20 if you're keen.

I wouldn't recommend that you make packs larger than 10 articles for the time being. Get the hang of it first, once you move past the learning curve, once you know what people are looking for then you reach for the stars. Start small.

The trick is to find a topic that people actually want...

And the writing 10 articles about the same topic, targeting the same niche (or the same market of people) and using the same keyword. For example:
  • How to lose weight after childbirth
  • Pro's & Con's of Fad Diets after childbirth
  • 5 Things you have to know about losing weight after childbirth
  • 10 Tips to help you lose weight after childbirth
  • Weight loss exercises to do with baby after childbirth
  • And so on
This is important: can you see how I have targeted a sub-niche...a market within a market? This is what webmasters want. The weight loss niche is huge and a highly competitive group of marketers dominate the first page of Google's search results. So the Average Joe webmaster will target a smaller demographic of people within that niche.

Step 4: Introduce yourself in the forum. Let people know that you are new to selling PLR but you have some experience with writing. You're better off being honest and letting people know that you're new than claiming to be the expert and falling short of expectations. That's a really good way to earn a bad reputation and put yourself out of business before you have even begun.

Step 5: Negotiating a price. PLR articles will usually sell for $1-$2 each - so a pack of 10 will be $10-$20. Depending on the niche, a pack of 10 articles sell for much more too, as much as $50, even more depending on your experience and the demand from the webmasters you're talking to.

But you know what the great thing about PLR is? You can sell it over and over again.

I suggest you start a thread in the forum that looks something like this:

New PLR articles for sale. I have 10 articles about weight loss after childbirth that I'm trying to sell. Title's include: [list a few titles]. Am willing to accept $15 for the pack of 10 which is ridiculously cheap.

Use them to make an ebook/report for your squeeze page, use them on your website, use them in your blog. I have written them myself so if you get in quick you can even publish then at Ezines articles, Hubpages etc. Each article is a min. 500 words, rich in keywords and strictly limited to the first 10 webmasters. Please find the example below.

Step 6: Check your Inbox in a few days. You will probably need a Paypal account if you don't already have one. Paypal is free to set up and an incredibly easy way to transfer money whether you are buying or selling online.

Make sure that their money is in your Paypal account before you email the articles . If you're honest and confessed your inexperience, most marketers will be willing to give you some help or instructions if you have trouble emailing them or come across any obstacles.

Okay, the down side of this theory is that you need to have some experience with basic internet marketing (which I'll explain in my next post)

The other complication is choosing the right topic - not every pack will sell. finding out what webmasters need and giving them what they want is half the battle. It may pay to actually approach the owners of different sites or blogs and ask them if they need your services. Actually ask them what they want.

Selling PLR articles is actually quite a competitive business for a lot of people. Be willing to negotiate a price. If you offered a 10 pack for $15 and didn't get any nibbles, see if anyone will take them off your hands for $10 - it's better than having them sitting on your hard drive collecting proverbial dust.

Webmasters - or people in the whole "make money online" business are incredibly cynical and untrusting. We have to be. It's up to you to make us feel like we can trust you. Get in the forum and spread you name around. tell people you're a writer and you've got a few hours spare on Friday if they want some new content next week. Introduce yourself.

That first step is difficult to overcome, but once you see some positive feedback, word will spread that you're the real deal.

Don't be shy. Approach webmasters or blog and ask them if they want content - ask them what they want, which keywords they're trying to rank for. Let them know that you're a hard worker and serious about quality.

Alright, stay tuned because I'm going to give you some templates so that you can write articles that actually sell. Good luck guys and gals (^_^)

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