Tuesday, 2 August 2011

How To Use YouTube To Generate More Money

Just a very short post today about using YouTube to generate more money, get more traffic, increase your sales and click through and all that jazz. I just couldn't keep away! I know I said that I was taking a few days off to study up and make some video's...which is exactly the reason I'm back here again - to talk about how YOU can use YouTube in YOUR Internet Marketing ventures...

So, let's cut to the chase. Skip the hype. Baloney free zone. =)

We spent that last month Getting To Know Google - this month we're learning HOW.

How to put those lessons into practice. HOW TO use PLR content. HOW TO use YouTube to get more traffic. HOW TO further your affiliate marketing efforts. HOW TO.

Specifically, today we are learning:
  • How to present yourself to the public
  • How to talk to your viewers
  • How to find something to talk about!
  • How to be natural
  • What you need to make a video
  • Capturing screenshots with free software

That YouTube's search bar gets more use each and everyday then some of our secular search engines!! Wth?? That's just some crazy numbers. For that reason alone, you need to whip out the old video camera...or your new digital one...and get filming.

Who would have thought? Little ol' you making YouTube video's! Very exciting...er...nerve wracking more like it!

I always feel more confident when I look my best. Do your make up. Women should also pretty themselves up. Joking! But put a little effort into making a presentable debut. You don't have to go all out, business attire and a formal backdrop but do put a little thought into the public image you are presenting to the world.

You are trying to establish yourself as the authority. The Go-to-guy (or gal) in your niche. And yet people need to relate to you. Sooo...

If you've got it... flaunt it!

If you're the class clown or the comedian in  circle of friends then use humor throughout your video. If you're blessed with great looks...or a winning smile...or the gift of the gab...or have some cool (related) party trick...USE IT!

Affiliate Marketers in particular are incredibly guilty of not using all the assets they have on hand.


But what if you don't got it??

What if you are scared to death at the thought of "public speaking?"

I'm going to give you another post about this one but here's the basics.

TIP #1 - Imagine you're 20 year old daughter has come to you with a problem. THAT'S your video...imagine that you are answering her question. Or showing her how to do something. Or teaching her about this thing (what ever it is that your niche has problems with, or wants to know more about, or is trying to understand). She's your daughter, speak naturally, give her lots of relevant info, share a joke or some insiders tips.

TIP #2 - Are you a mumbler? Me too!! Body posture is important so make yourself comfortable but no slouching (don't make me get the cane), no chin on your chest. You need to hold your chin up a little so that your throat is unobstructed.

I go a little nasally when I meet new people be aware of what you do so that you can work around it or work on improving it. 

Move your mouth more - open wide and concentrate on making each sound clearly. If you really have trouble or really don't like the sound of your recorded voice then spend 30min each day reading out loud (not hard for an Internet Marketer to accomplish) and over pronouncing each syllable. 

My brother-in-law once once a notorious stutterer...you would never guess if you heard him on stage today. He's an inspiration. The reason I tell you this is so you know that practice makes perfect.

TIP #3 - Do NOT assume that you know how they feel unless  you have sincerely walked that mile. Don't presume that their problem has a quick fix, especially if these people are likely to have spent half their adult life fighting this problem.

Well...what does your niche need to know? What's relevant? What pearls of wisdom do you have to share? Do I have to do everything for you?? Seriously, you're supposed to be learning how to be a self sufficient Internet Marketer!

TIP #1 - Turn one of your articles into a video. Even if that means that you have the webcam on top of the monitor as you read the autocue (your article on your computer.

TIP #2 - Rope a friend into playing 20 questions with you. Play question-answer with some niche relevant topics.

TIP #3 - Go and JOIN A FORUM...when you come across a post that starts with something like "Heeeelp!!" or "Pleeease...." or is only a few hours old yet already has 150 replies then you have a desperate person with a serious problem - as an affiliate marketer, you go find the solution. I am NOT suggesting that you market to people in forums but get in there and learn ABOUT the people that you're marketing to. What sort of issues do they have? What common mistakes do they make? What bothers them most about xyz? What things do they praise?

Answer these questions and there you have it....a  highly targeted and relevant script!


I've used only a few screenshot capturing bits of software in my time and will go into more detail this month. My current video's are made with HyperCam. CamStudio is an older but still okay free screenshot capture software. You can't edit with CamStudio (I don't even remember being able to pause with it) but you can capture what you're doing on screen and record your voice.

You can also consider making a visual video and adding a soundtrack later - your favourite song or something relevant.

You can also use your webcam if you have a high quality one at your disposal - sometimes they don't give you the best sound or picture quality - keep that in mind if you're going for a professional look then you don't want to use one. Mobile phone video's (loke photo's) also need to be avoided if you're aiming for professional.

Lastly, we have the trusty ol' camcorder. Depending on whether or not you have the software to edit your video, you may need somebody to hit the record and pause buttons.

Familiarize yourself with some of the video's already on YouTube - you'll find plenty of inspiration as well as tutorials and how-to video's.

Video SEO is much the same...
  • Pick your keyword
  • Make a quick video that delivers a few pearls of wisdom.
  • Use your keyword in the title as well as the description
  • Tag your video with the keyword and closely related keywords
  • Make sure to put your website link is included very early on in your description
  • While your waiting to get listed...go and make some more! :-)
  • Remember that practice makes perfect
Alrighty guys...did I forget anything?

We've covered what to talk about, how to speak clearly, thinking about how you want to present your public image,  how you capture screenshots and make video's and how to go all SEO on YouTube's butt...is that it?

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