Friday, 26 August 2011

How To Make A Video Of Screenshots

Video's get your point across to visitors quickly & effectively
At the start of the month we spoke about How To use YouTube to generate more money. We spoke about presenting a public image, about using your articles as an auto-cue and about YouTube's search bar getting more searches each day than some of our secular search engines. That is massive.

And definitely worth your attention. But how do you actually make a video of the pictures on your computer screen? That's what you are learning today:
  • What is the benefit of making screenshot video's? 
  • How can I use them to further my business goals? 
  • What sort of video should I make?
  • Or advice to overcome fear of public speaking?
You got it!

To make a video that captures your movements on the computer, you are going to need some screenshot capturing software. The first (free) screenshot software I ever got my hands on was called CamStudio. For a first timer, it had most of what I needed, namely the ability to record both audio and different area's of the screen. However, Camstudio is probably considered ancient by now!

It was replaced with the updated version called Camtasia - again, I picked it up for free and it served my needs.

These days, I don't make a lot of video's. Well I do, but my needs are pretty basic. I am currently using HyperCam. I actually access it through my browsers toolbar which is very handy. It does have a few options for recording sound and the onscreen images. You can upgrade and get the AVS Video Editor so you can chop your HyperCam video's to bits, join them together etc and edit them properly.

If you aren't a great speaker, you will be wanting an editor like this so you don't have to do 40 takes before you have a video of high enough quality to publish online. I'm pretty sure I also download HyperCam for free.

If picture speaks a thousands words...then a video speaks volumes! Especially when you are thinking about sales pages or squeeze pages. A convincing video can, no will, increase your clickthrough rate and therefore you overall profits.

Video's will take the hard work of reading away from your visitors and increase the amount of information you can feed to them. They are engaged and therefore less likely to bounce out of your site or head back to the search engines.

What are you promoting? Think video tutorials. Think about showing your viewers how easy it is to download & install your software. Think a comforting (and trust building) video that solves some of the problems your niche deals with. Think YouTube - that search bar at YouTube? It gets more traffic each day than some of our secular search engines. Think humour.

If you want to build trust with visitors, teach them something they need to know. Tell them what they want to hear. Solve a problem for them.

If you want more sales, show them the benefits of having the solution you are promoting. Show them an insiders look behind the scenes.

If you want more people to sign up to your mailing list, tell them how you roll, what they will get from you in return for their interest. Remember people like free.

Walkthroughs or tutorials are a great way of developing a give-take relationship - you give them valuable, relevant, honest advice or solutions...then you take their money. (^_^)

Personally, I hate the sound of my voice. Listen carefully to any of my video's and you'll hear kids running around in the background. I um and I er. I am not a brilliant public speaker but I have developed the skill over time.


My 11yr old son has his own blog about a computer game. It's small, it's new but if you type the name of this computer game into the search engines, you'll find him on page one (Page Rank #10...I'm proud as punch). The purpose of this particular blog was originally to share with family and friends the knowledge I have learned about Internet Marketing.

So when I make video's here, I talk for my son. I talk to my son. This means that I'm not making a video that could potentially be seen by thousands of strangers. It's a video from a mother to her child,, sharing knowledge and instruction. I talk to him everyday, it makes absolutely no difference if I happen to have the heasdphones on and hit record while I'm doing it.

And when I make video's in other niches, I imagine somebody I love has come to me with a problem. After a quick "professional" intro, I start talking them through the problem they have or showing them the benefits of, or walking them through the solution they need.

That's my advice to you. Imagine that you are making your video for somebody you love. Makes the process so much easier.

If you need a script in order to speak fluently, print one off. At the very least, I work with some "cue cards" which is simply a scribbled list of bullet points - the list of topics or points that need including and the order in which to bring them up.

Open up a new window and all the tabs you'll need throughout the video should be open, logged in and ready to go before you hit record.

Prepare yourself. Do not sit there busting for the loo, hungry, thirsty and/or fangin' for a smoke. Make sure you're ready to sit down and just go for it with no interruptions. Find some quiet time and pour yourself a drink, have a snack and take some time to clear your head and think about what it is that you're trying to accomplish with the video. Not just what you need to say or do but give a little thought to the overall presentation of the video.

  • Put our URL as the first thing in your desription
  • use your keyword in the title
  • And early in your description
  • Use as many tags as you can think of
  • People respond well to humour and curiosity
  • Add captions to the video - YouTube has editing features onsite after you upload.
There you have it folks. If you've ever wondered how to make a video of your screenshots then now you know not just how, but what to do. Get out there and have a go.

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