Saturday, 27 August 2011

How To Choose A Niche

Extremely common question for new Internet Marketers. How do I choose a niche that is profitable? Actually, this question has some variations. Which niche is easiest? Which niche is most profitable? And so on. So I'm going to explain (again!) how I find my inspiration.

Many Internet Marketers will tell you to choose a niche that you know and love. I won't. It does make some sense. If you already know and love a niche, then you are going to find that it is easier to stay motivated, find inspiration for new content plus you already have some insight into the problems, the solutions and the mindset this niche has.

However, the hobby or interest or the niche that you know and love may not be profitable. There may be absolutely NO interest in it. Or lot's of interest...but from people searching for free info. The cooking niche for example. Or the "going green in the suburbs" niche.

These are examples of niches that are made up of mostly housewives looking for free information - something they can throw together for dinner before hubby gets home in half an hour or women who are trying to save money (by going green, by recycling, by making their own soaps and cleaning products) not women who want to buy steak knives or some Clickbank recipe book. Of course if you know what they do want, you can still profit from them. But it's not "easy."

So I recommend that you model and magazine that you know and love.

Magazines are ideal models to follow because they apply all the traditional methods of marketing that you should also be using for online marketing. Everything about that magazine on your bathroom floor is done very, very intentionally. From the font used, the percentage of content vs advertising, the pictures. NOTHING IS DONE WITHOUT A PURPOSE.

IS THAT NICHE PROFITABLE? If it wasn't, the magazine wouldn't exist.

ARE THERE MANY DIFFERENT PRODUCTS OR SERVICES THAT YOU COULD ADVERTISE IN THAT NICHE? Open it up. Nearly every page has some form of adverts on it.

HOW DOES THE EDITOR TARGET THE NICHE? I'll tell you what he doesn't do! He doesn't fill up a cooking mag with tattoo idea's. He doesn't get his writers to write about some spammy eBook or product that nobody has ever heard of. He provides, useful, informative and highly targeted info about the things that the READERS want to know. His opinion has little to do with anything - he gives the readers what they want.

Internet Marketing? You should be doing the same thing. You should not be writing ezinearticles about whatever it is you are promoting - how would your niche find you? You should be writing about the problems and solutions that your niche is Googling...then you can introduce your solution (your product) to them.

LOOK AT THE COVER - Do you see what I see? You might see some catchy, enticing headlines on the cover of your magazine. Want to know what I see? I see sub-niches. The magazine itself targets a niche. The headlines on the cover, the articles within the mag...they are targeting sub-niches.

IS THE EDITOR DESPERATE TO GET PEOPLE TO BUY? TO GET PEOPLE TO INVESTIGATE THE ADVERTS HE'S PROMOTING? Probably even more desperate than you! His job and the jobs of every writer, photographer, etc working under him are on the line. This magazine exists because of the companies spending big bucks on advertising in the mag. That editor wants readers to "clickthrough" (in want of a better word) and buy the products that are advertised.

Internet Marketers, especially new Internet Marketers and even more especially Affiliate Marketers make the mistake of "online marketing," of buying into new software, new products, new systems that are going to skyrocket their marketing success....when what they REALLY need to do is start applying the age old forms of marketing that have served well, made millions and have proven themselves for generations.

There is very little difference between Internet Marketing and te sort of marketing that you find in newspapers, in magazines...and this sort of marketing has already proven itself to be successful.

So before you fill up your webpages with something you think might work, have another look through the pages of your favourite magazine. Apply the same principles. Then build on it. Instead of a photo, use a video. Instead of a static banner, use a banner that flickers between before and after shots. But remember, nobody would but that magazine twice if all the articles were sales pages in disguise - just like nobody will visit your site/blog twice if you don't provide relevant, useful info.

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