Monday, 29 August 2011

How To Capitalize Your Website

Today is the day you start something new...
The world wide web is like the ever changing tides of the ocean. Fall overboard and it's easy to drown in the cutthroat business of Internet Marketing. However if you know the sweet spots, once you learn how to swim and if you have a surfboard, you can ride those tides into an early retirement.

Today, we are talking about capitalizing on your website and the different "make money online" options that are at your fingertips.

Selling Eyeballs to Advertisers
This is the classic make money business model, selling space on your website to companies who want the attention of the type of people who visit your site. This model will never get old.

Redirecting People To Other Websites
Affiliate marketing seems to be a trending downwards after it positively flooded the dreams of hopeful wannabe's marketers. However it still has a lot of potential - you just have to work a bit harder these days than you would have done 10 years ago. This method involves sending traffic to places like (for example) where they can buy the book you have just been blogging about and receive a commission on all of the purchases they make once there.

Selling Products & Services
Warning: Not actually as easy at it would seen. Merchants worldwide have scrambled to enable ecommerce on their humble websites and in all honestly, there is some impressive numbers to be made despite of the competition.

Charge It...Or Part Of It...
Making a membership site and keeping members happy is a LOT of work but where there's a problem, there's a way to work around it. If your website is home to unique and highly sought after and valuable content...sell it. Or at least make part of your site accessable to members only. For example, many newspapers provide free information however if you want to open up the archives, that's a whole different story.

Collecting Data And Crunching Numbers
Yes, people will actually pay for the information that you collect about your visitors. Collecting info about the demographic that visits you needs to be done with respect for their privacy -in other words, don't sell it without their permission.

Email Marketing
Get your Aweber account ready! Email marketing in many cases is an essentail part of a "successful" website. Provide your visitors with a reason to sign up to your mailing list (often a free ebook/report) and you can continue mean them right to their Inbox. Some day soon. if it isn't already, email marketing is likely to be a part of your business plan. Once a customer has purchased something from you once, they are much more inclined to do it again so email marketing makes a lot of sense.

There you go guys, six different ways to capitalize on your existing website or maybe some idea's for you next website. (^_^)

Today is the day you broaden your online empire (however small it is). Pick something on this list. Add it to your weeks to-do-list. And remember...

A diamond is a piece of coal...that finished what it started. Get on with it!

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