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How Do I Research A Niche - Understanding The Mindset

The key to understanding your niche(s)
Choosing a profitable niche is one thing, but targeting a successfully is another. This post is all about researching the mindset of a niche and ensuring that your niche of choice is something profitable. We want you to make the most of your hard work. There is nothing worse than investing hours, weeks of your time into building a website or blog that doesn't sell a thing. Been there, done that...I actually have the matching t-shirt, hat AND shoes to prove it. (I'm SUCH a girl!)

If you read the last post about choosing a niche, you know I like to model magazines. So if you choose a mag that you love, you have a profitable niche from the outset. Now all you need to do is find out what this niche wants - you'll also find that info in the mag, just check out the contents page.

Where do I Research?

In forums of course. What you need to find how how to TARGET your niche - what makes them tick? What do they LOVE and what do they HATE. What thought process do they go through. What problems, what solutions, what issues, what complications do they run into?

You'll find everything you need to know by talking to and rubbing shoulders with your niche. Which is why forums are such an asset to Internet Marketers - particularly if you have little knowledge or experience with the niche.

The Forum Rules...
Let's get this out of the way. I do not spam these forums with links to sales pages or any other money generating pages that I have. If I do leave a link, I send people to my Problem Resources Pages (find out more about different types of pages here). I will only be so bold if I can sincerely say "If this was my mother/father/brother/sister...I would want them to know the info found on the other side of this link."

You cannot come into a forum one day, and start dropping backlinks or marketing to them the next day. This is a great way to get banned for life in record time. Once you have been actively participating in the forum for some time, once you have a reputation for being useful, then you can be so bold too.

Most forums do not allow you to have a URL (you're web address) in your signature but they may allow you to put it in your bio. Read the fine print!!

What To Look For In A Forum
This one is easy. You are looking for threads that contain a lot of exclamation points or start with things like "Pleeease" and Heeeelp!!"

These people have a serious problem. Their hair is on fire. They have a problem that needs fixing NOW. They are, in other words, pre-sold. All they need to do now is hear the right words from you and they are most likely to buy.

But remember what I said about marketing in forums? What you can do however is take the thread and turn it into a series of articles, blog posts or web pages on your website.

The Benefits Of Researching Your Niche
There are many! In one conception forum, I am known as one of keywords for one of my blogs - Getting Pregnant After. Here are some links to my research - it will take you two minutes to SEE what I mean.

What NOT to tell your niche!! - This thread I called the "Worst Comment Award." If I was to use any of these comments on my webpages while I am marketing in my blogs, at article farms, anywhere...if I mention one of these little gems...they will hit the back button immediately!

Learning where your niche is coming from - This thread is about venting and telling ME what this niche HATES about their problem, I started promoting a self esteem ebook on one of my conception blogs after starting this thread.

So besides learning HOW to market from this niche, I also get a lot of research done in the process. I watch the number of relies and views that a thread has had to gauge how popular it is. If I see a two hour old thread with 70 replies and 400 page views, I KNOW it's a hot topic.

I find the SOLUTIONS right there in the same thread. Think about this. I read the thread then I turn the question into a title and the replies into a "5 Things You Must Know About [keyword] article. Or a "10 Tips For [Keyword]" blog post. I am recycling the replies and using them for my own benefit. Sneaky, huh?

I also glean an "Insiders look" into the niche - I hear the reasoning that goes these minds before they come to a conclusion, their dreams, their fears, their hopes, their rationale, their lingo (the acronyms they use), the complications that arise when they try to achieve something. In short, I learn everything I need to know about who, how and why.

Companion this knowledge with some SEO, pretty pictures, some keyword rich titles, a series of posts or articles and I have an unstoppable campaign.

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