Saturday, 30 July 2011

Video: How I Make Back Links For Articles

For absolutely FREE. This service is absolutely perfect for article writers - you don't want 350 and backlinks to an article. That sort of stuff is going to put you on Google's suspicious radar.

Free membership gets you 25 backlinks from 25 different IP addresses dribbled in over a few days, perfect. You can also upgrade for free if you have 12 friends. And if you can't find 12 friends? $50 odd bucks will give you 100 back links to four different articles or blog posts each day.

Check it out. Marvel at my stunning special effects.  (Or not). Watch as I submit an example URL to Social Monkee then let them do all the work publishing my backlinks around the Internet.


This is as easy as it gets - my 11 year old son has his own blog about a computer game...he has got his own account at this free back link building service and it took his about 4 posts and 2 weeks to get #10 for his major keyword** and he's got #1 AND #2 for his more obscure keyword (which still as 0.7 million results).

** My Cody's blog is called His main keyword is "destroy all humans" (3.7 million results) and the more obscure keyword (which has 0.7 million results) he competes for is "furon invasion" ....if you don't believe me, check it out for yourself...I would. But then I'm a natural skeptic!

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