Thursday, 7 July 2011

Understanding Google: The Google Mindset

Understanding the way Google operates is super important for all Internet Marketers. Knowing what it is that Google is looking for is the best way to get your webpages indexed, ranked and found by visitors without the drama of high cost minimum bids at AdWords. So today, we are going to start a Getting To Know Google series that will help you to focus on what it is exactly what it is you should be prioritizing.

We are going to be covering the following today, with more to come:
  • Why Google is so important to Internet Marketers and webmasters
  • The Google mindset
  • How you can use the Google mindset to your favor
  • Importance of backlinks
  • The importance of sitemaps
  • How you can increase your webpages "user experience" score

Google is responsible for guiding about 70% of the online community to where they want to go. What ranks well for Google may rank differently for other search engines - a difference some affiliates are capitalizing on (for example, the last time I looked, Bing was madly in love with Ezinearticles).

The Google empire consists of a super comprehensive and yet easy to operate interface with a huge range of tools for both searchers and webmasters alike. Tools such as Google Reader, Gmail, AdWords & AdSense, Analytics, Webmasters Tools, keyword tools in addition to the lovable browser Chrome makes it hard to turn left or right online without bumping into something Googlesk.

Google's search technology makes searching for anything on any one of the 3 billion plus webpages a breeze as users are able to define their search into images, video, maps etc.

AdWords and AdSense is just pure genius to me - AdWords allows us to advertise and AdSense allows us to offset that cost without interfering with the users search results or web viewing.  How clever is that?

This is where you really want to tune in. This is where you learn about what it is that Google is looking for in a webpage and then you use their own algorithms to your advantage. 

Google has built an empire based on quality.  I often use the example of magazines (because that's the way I suggest you choose a profitable niche). How would you feel if you purchased a magazine about something you really needed to learn about, you opened it up...and there was something completely different in there. You would be pretty peeved, right? You wouldn't buy it again, would you?

If you have ever tried to use AdWords to advertise a sales or squeeze page then you would know that Google frowns upon the end experience and charges you heavily. 

Google prides itself on giving users best quality results for their searches. In order to do so, each and every one of those 3 billion webpages need to be assessed for quality purposes. To achieve this mammoth task, Google uses a program commonly know as The Googlebot or crawlers, or spiders.

The spiders crawl the we following the links we leave behind. Each page is scrutinized and graded based on the information that is presented. When a page titles "Dog Training" has information about sewing or a multitude of advertisements, it is classed as "low user experience."

On the other hand, when that page contains relevant information, has photo's or polls and other interactive dog training "stuff" the page is deemed as having a "high user experience."

Common sensibly, these pages will rank better than pages that have been intentionally stuffed with keywords, has no or few links (internal or external) or has irrelevant info. Pages with poor user experience will also cost you a small fortune for your AdWords ad's. (Ways to reduce your minimum bid)

To use Google's mindset to your advantage then, you need a pinch of SEO... 
and a whole lot of quality for your visitors.

Backlinks indicate your websites
status to Google. A page that has many
links are obviously more important
than a page on the outer side of the
web with few links. 
Google will crawl through large sites like Facebook on a daily basis, other smaller or newer sites are crawled less frequently. The Googlebot crawls the web by following the links we leave behind which is why creating backlinks to your webpage(s) is so important. If you don't have a system for creating backlinks, I recommend Social Monkee. Totally free, you can upgrade for free too if your savvy (of course you are...only the cool people hang out here). Social Monkee will create 25 backlinks per day on your behalf.

If you have your own website, a sitemap is a pain in the arse to make, but it's essential. It's not unheard of for the Googlebot to get part way through your site then follow an external link out of it. A sitemap helps to thwart the problem and ensure that all your pages are assessed, indexed and ranked. If you  are handy with HTML then you can help Google to rank the pages in your site. You can indicate which pages are most important or tell them which pages they are allowed to crawl or cache.

If you have a large sitemap (of a hundred links or more) then you will benefit from breaking the map up over two (or more) pages. Sitemaps are also a huge asset to your visitors. Having an easily accessible sitemap will allow them to get where they need to go without bouncing back out of your site in frustration.

I cannot drill this into you hard enough. RELEVENCE IS CRUCIAL. If you only focus on one thing, then focus on this. When you create a webpage or an article, your title should tell you EXACTLY what the page is about. Based on that title, keywords and long tail keywords should flow naturally. It's a common mistake I see far to often from new Internet Marketers trying to make money online. They will pull out every SEO trick in the book but the reader won't click through. Why? Because there is no sustenance to the page.

One nifty trick to increase your user experience score with Google is to link your sales or squeeze page to a few articles. This gives your site some body. It's good to ask yourself "When was the last time Google bought anything from me?"

Makes sense now, doesn't it? Google prides itself of giving the user optimum search results so if you want to optimize your own page rank you can start by giving your visitors the info they came for.

There has and always will be a number of Blackhat or Greyhat Internet Marketers who try to cheat the system. Many of these techniques are cutting edge or are simply using one service or another for a purpose for which it was not originally designed. Many of them may work...initially.

However, it does not take Google very long to catch up on what's really happening and let there eno dout in your mind. Google will end you over the proverbial knee and give you a spanking. It'snot uncommon for these sites to be blacklisted by Google so be very cautious about the many mysterious and mystical loopholes that "guru's" claim shot them to fame.

We're going to very simply clarify the Do's & Don't of working with Google full of practical advice for the budding Internet Marketer.

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