Sunday, 24 July 2011

Make Money Online - More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

Internet Marketing mistakes, scams & lies
There are sooo many ways to make money online and that is exactly why you are NOT making money online. You're distracted. You're confused. You're walking around the Internet trying a little bit of this and a little bit of that and not exactly putting yourself in prime position to make that better life for yourself.

Yes, there are a million and one ways to make money online and many (but by no means all of them) of the products, the systems, the software and memberships that you come across have the POTENTIAL to make the bacon but only if you actually do the work.

There are some common mistakes that new Internet Marketers make, Some common misconceptions. Some common big fat lies that you've been told. There are some "guru's" who insist on selling you their methods that worked for them...five years ago. And filtering through the hype, the garbage, the downright dishonesties is what we do here.

We've covered them before, but let's go through it again...

Big Fat Lies, Scams and Mistakes:
>> I can make a passive income in my sleep with a click of a mouse or a push of a button

>> I HAVE to tap into the latest fad to make money online

>> There is a super secret system or software and until I spend that $39.95 on buying this system or software I will keep trying and failing, then go back to my day job

>> This deal expires in 1hr:36min:28secs BUY NOW BUY NOW OR ELSE

>> I will never understand HOW to make money online without buying this product

>> Affiliates...check your links BEFORE you publish (you don't want to be sending readers to the wrong sales page or worse, sending money to another affiliates bank account - *groans* please don't ask how I know!)

>> Forget about all those tried and true methods - the SEO, the backlinks, the keywords and common sense - why don't I try these get-rich-quick schemes, the black hat/grey hat methods, the instant make money online software systems first...and then when they fail, I'll go back to the forum and complain that nothing I do is working

>> I have to spend money to make money (true and false - begin with your free services and when you start making a regular income, THEN you upgrade to paid services to supercharge what you already know works)

>> I'll keep looking for an EASIER way to make money online...because the money should just pour out of this CD Rom drive with me lifting a finger...right?

Or...I have to do everything all by myself and do everything absolutely perfectly.

>> I can make money without having to do any work - I just set and forget, and leave it as is, there's no need to review my webpage or update my SEO from time to time

>> I believe everything I read on a sales page - it is after all everything I want to hear

I get to review a lot of different products and systems and I've also been at this game for quite some time now - I got my start online selling my paintings and I've branched out from there.  I KNOW that there are hundreds of thousands of different products out there that are designed to build backlinks or spin articles or suction traffic from the search engines or force them to convert into customers...


I also know that there are hundreds of products that promise the world and deliver the dirt.  

Many of these make money online products have the potential IF and ONLY IF you are prepared to invest the time and energy into MAKING them work. Many of them are outdated, they worked for affiliates or Internet Marketers a few years ago, but the rules have changed.

This is good news and bad news. Google's algorithm changes hit hard - around 12% of search results were affected by the latest update in February this year. Considering there are upwards of 3 billion webpages at our fingertips, that's a hell of a lot of Internet Marketers who were crying all the way to the bank.

These Panda/Farmer updates are simply Google's way of doing a little housework. Too many affiliates were spamming the Internet with mini-sites that had been slapped together with duplicate or poorly spun PLR content and more adverts or affiliate links in the than sustenance - Google does NOT hate affiliates, just the lazy ones.

This means that with a little bit of common sense, YOU can have profitable affiliate sites set up and running in hours. Rinse and repeat. One sites makes money, you make another one, and another and another.

Which is all well and good, but what if you can't even get past the first step - making ONE profitable site? Unstoppable Affiliate has recently launched a fantastic training series of videos. It's jam packed full of instructions that really work. I recently picked mine up - if you get in quick you can still benefit from the launch discount (four days remaining at the time of this post).

Check it out for yourself - I'm usually highly reluctant to recommend products because I know that what works for me now would not have worked for me when I first started trying to establish myself online. This however is the real deal, Andrew holds nothing back and yet everything is thoroughly explained and easy to understand. (Okay, so I have a bit of a crush on him too!)

Unstoppable Affiliate - it actually works.

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