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I'll Choose Your Niche, Your Keyword & Tutor You (Official Update Re Video's)

For free, of course! You know how much I like free. =)
Why do so many online businesses fail? They don't commit to a cause. BEcause they are unsure of what they are supposed to be doing, they end up bouncing from one method to another without giving it everything they have. They treat the whole "make money online" game as a ...well...a game. A hobby. Something they can work halfheartedly on and yet mysteriously pull in $100G a year, a month, a day!

We've all heard the stat's that say 95% of new online businesses fail but in reality it's closer to 97%. Allow me to clear this up for you...

You are building a BUSINESS...
From scratch.

This is NOT a hobby. This is not a game that you can play without a strategy.

On this note, I warned you last month that I was working behind the scenes to bring you some goodies. The wait was over as yesterday I released the first in a series of tutorial video's that will help you to learn the basics of Internet (more specifically at this juncture, affiliate) Marketing. I also confessed that I have plans for you--that I wish to take under my wing a few lucky noob's and show them EXACTLY how I work.Exactly what is required of just one form of Internet Marketing.

In the first video off the production line I gave you a great video about your work ethic - doesn't matter what project you're working on, this video will give you strategies that have proven themselves to me and others whom I have shared these techniques with. 

Coming up (really, really soon) I am going to give you a very special treat. I'm going to hand it to you on a golden platter. This video shows you exactly how I 
  1. Researched a low competition keyword that will get indexed & ranked fast
  2. How I learned that this keyword really is worth my time (well your time really...I'm giving it to you!)
  3. Worked out the EXACT number of webpages that use this EXACT long tail keyword. In other words, exactly how many competitors are using this keyword in a clearly profitable niche. (Give you a clue...154 at the time I shot the video!!)
  4. What you need to do with that keyword to profit from it.
  5. How to find a product to promote with that keyword.
  6. WHERE and HOW to promote this keyword.
In exchange for this video and info I am NOT going to rope you into my mailing list...or charge you a dollar...or ask anything at all from you other than your feedback.

Honest to goodness? I'm actually giving you a profitable niche, a profitable keyword and the instructions to use it purely for selfish reasons.

I would like a guinea pig...or 10 =)

You can find my "master plan" at the bottom of this post.
I mentioned that this isn't a hobby at the start of this post. That every Marketer need to have a plan, a goal, an end result that they are working towards. My current "bi-plan" I guess you could call it is to fine tune my teaching ability. The instructions in the video are tried and true. They are a proven, effective way for new marketers to break into the game with no website, no money and no product. People have been making big bucks using this method for years.

I asked myself, how could I teach my son how to make money online? How could I teach the Hubby (who is technologically challenged) to start profiting from the Internet? In this 10minute video, I have shown you precisely how and what to do so that you can replicate your research, your promotion of products and the marketing side of things.

Now I need to know if the video and instruction makes sense to a beginner AND if the instructions were easy to carry out. I want you to use the keyword I give you - you can follow all the instructions without spending a cent. I want to hear what snippets need elaborating, what bits made sense, what didn't, the way you went about promoting it and the results of you campaign.

The reason I'm not selling this to you is very simply because a) you're doing me a favor by being my guinea pig and b) I like to take care of my readers--other webmasters woulf be selling this for $5 a copy in some Internet Marketing forum. I reckon we should give the new guy (that's you) a break--it's the teach a man to fish concept.

Look at it this way. If you follow the instructions I give you, it could very well mean the start of something beautiful. If you commit yourself and fail then I'll be so surprised that I'll have to poke my sticky beak into your campaign and help you fix it. Deal?

There's a little fine tuning that I need to do before I give this to you so,...
  • You can bookmark and come back soon. 
  • Hit the RSS feed at the top of the page. 
  • Or hit the Twitter icon to make sure you are first in on the scene when I do publish.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm going to be a bit sneaky about the way I release this video--I would be doing you a disservice if this video went public. Those 154 webpages with this exact keyword would soon turn into 1540 webpages. I hate to put any sort of time limit or "number of copies remaining" limit on this but I really do have to. It wouldn't be fair to let 600 people have this - you don't need or want that sort of competition.

The smartest way to make sure that nobody misses out and those who take me up on this offer stay in prime position with this keyword is for me keep a careful eye on the number of times this keyword is indexed at Google--when it peaks at 500ish, I'll be taking the video down. There may be other opportunities in the future...if you twist my arm.

APOLOGIES: For sounding like a sales page. I simply want you to understand why this is so special, why it's worth your time and attention. It's the first questions on every new Internet Marketers lips - what's an easy niche? Which niche is most profitable? Or how do I chose a profitable niche.

I have never, ever seen an answer from the "guru's" that doesn't require you to learn by trial and error. This offer is going to take the guesswork out of the equation. Drop me a line down below and let me know what you think about that!

I give a number of new Internet Marketers a training video and written information about choosing a keyword, researching the competition and what to do with that keyword (how to promote a product and get traffic flowing). I also give them a long tail keyword in a mirco-niche that is already profitable and show them how to go nuts with it and build a campaign of ______.

In exchange, I get feedback about the information provided - whether or not it needs revising, whether or not it made sense, whether or not the plan was easy to implement. To assess this accurately, I will need to know what you chose to promote and where you promoted it.

I will offer my personal time to help to strugglers--this will help them by giving them one on one tutelage and help me to refine my instruction, include troubleshooting in my instruction or include more information about common obstacles and how to overcome them in my instruction.

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