Friday, 1 July 2011

4 Tips: What It Takes To Be A Succesful Internet Marketer

Four light bulb moments for successful Internet Marketers.
More lightbulb moments here guys. Big one's! In nearly every case, people start out on the enticing road of Internet Marketing thinking that they're going to make quick, easy money. Affiliate and article marketing may at first glance appear to be an easy source of moolah, but people soon realize that the Internet is not the easily tapped goldmine. You're going to need to work. You're going to need commitment. You're going to need patience.

The fact is, there are hundreds of ways to make money online...but few of them ever yield the huge results that you might be dreaming of. Once you try one method or strategy to find it doesn't result in the overflowing bank balance that the so called "guru's" flaunt around, you're probably tempted to try a new method.

Unfortunately, there are methods that worked great guns in the 90's that are almost obsolete now due to a flooding in the market. on the other hand, a little persistence may very well pay off.

There's a very blurry line between persevering and committing to a cause that is lost before you ever really begin. Is it any wonder as many as 97% off new marketers give up and return to their day jobs with their tail between their legs.

Confused yet? You're probably not doing right if you aren't!! But hey, that's what I'm here for =)

Four Solid Bits of Advice to Help
You Succeed in Internet Marketing
TIP #1: Find a Mentor (hint hint!)
You didn't learn how to read without a little help. You didn't pass you're driving test through trial and error. Internet Marketing requires a whole new set of skills for most people and having a mentor is going to speed up the process considerably as well and saving you time and money on the long run.
A mentor like any teacher (the good one's anyway) will help you to see what it is that you need to do to keep moving forward in a productive manner. They will prevent you from repeating the same mistakes time and time again (like buying into shortcuts that don't exist) and generally let you develop you new business at a faster rate - because that's what you're doing, building a business.

Tip #2: Don’t Work on too Many Projects at Once by Yourself
About a month ago, I was having a bad day - I just couldn't seem to accomplish anything. I did a quick tab count and realized that I had 26 tabs open! Of course I couldn't achieve anything. Working on to many projects at once slows the entire process down and creates unwanted distraction. You don't have to do everything by yourself.

Since my membership at Killer Content (a source of PLR articles) I have been able to dedicate more time to the important tasks of my business rather than doing the drone work. I spend a LOT less time writing for content sites and a whole lot more time doing the things I enjoy (like family "stuff") and the things that need to be done in order to progress my business (networking and email lists etc)

The point is (I'm getting there!!), if you've got that "Jack of all trades" thing going on then you're going to stay that way. Outsource where ever possible. Take advantage of sites like Social Monkey (totally free btw) to build your essential backlinks or gather pre-written articles from places like Killer Content or The World's Larget PLR Seller (both of whom I love and recommend).

You cannot expect a 15 year old to get behind the wheel of a big rig and it to end successfully. Stop pressuring yourself into achieving everything, lighten your work load, focus on one job at a time.

Tip #3: Utilize Free Resources
Mwah ha ha Money is a perfect example of how you can make money online using totally free resources. If you go back to last months post about the biggest mistakes that new Internet Marketers make, you'll see that the number one mistake is looking for short cuts.

You'll also see that post called Seriously? What Magic Loophole? When you start Internet Marketing you are constantly exposed to hundreds of different products and systems and schemes that promise to make you an instant hit. And seriously, nearly all of them have potential to make you money if you put them to work properly - though many fall short of being good for you in the long run or aren't well designed for new marketers to handle.

Get to the point Elizabeth.

You can easily max out your credit card on these things and still not see a ime in return.

Don’t splash out on multiple expensive products. Instead, choose one or two referred to you by your mentor(s). Learn them and utilize them to their full potential before moving onto another area.

In addition to this, make use of as much free information as you can. You literally have the world at your finger tips - use it!  hat can be found in books, eBooks, video and on blogs. It is often difficult to sift through conflicting information and ideas online, but again, ask your mentor and trusted associates for help in directing you toward informative blogs, forums and other reliable free resources.

You don't have to race out and build a website for every niche that tickles your fancy. I always recommend that you start with a few Squidoo lens or Ezinearticles. These are called Content Sites - they're basically single page websites that you can link up to one another.

Once you see some steady traffic and a few sales, you can supercharge those busy pages by paying for AdWords.

Those that aren't profitable haven't cost you a cent.

Those that are profitable you can use as a stepping stone.

When the time comes, you can advance to a free blog (here at Blogger or at

Once your free services are paying off, you can re-invest some of that money into building a website(s) around those profitable campaigns.

Now there's a "make money online" action plan that makes sense - with no out of pocket expense!

Tip #4 Maintain Persistence
I cannot make this any clearer to you...

Your success online is dependent on being SAD. Yeah, I have a strange sense of humor!

Your Strategy. Your Attitude. Your Devotion to seeing your hard work come to fruition.

You don't know if that first sale will come tomorrow...or next week...or next month. But every article you make, every post you add to you blog, every new page on your website, every new backlink you make is another brick in the wall - and once those brinks are there, they are there to stay.

That new article you wrote at Squidoo could be there for days before it gets indexed. It could be there for weeks before somebody finds it. It could be there for months before somebody clicks through and buys.

But once it's there, it works like another stick in a beavers dam, catching some of the traffic that passes. The more sticks, the more traffic you can catch. For this reason, you want to build not one or two Squidoo lens, you want to build dozens (all targeting the same niche).

I'll ask you again.

How many dinners did you burn before you mastered your signature dish? You didn't give up cooking though, did you?

How many lessons did you have, how many letter boxes did you hit, before you passed your driving test? You still got your license though, right?

How many years did it take until your became a fluent speaker? I bet you're still learning new words each day, right? How many years before you learned to walk? Or ride a bike?

If you only learn one thing this week then learn this. YOU can make money online.

How do I know? Well it's not like I'm asking you to do something crazy like put man on the moon with less RAM in your computer than you have in your iPhone. Or use you knowledge of bikes to build the worlds first plane.

Thousands of people make money online each and everyday and they do it because they know - in their hearts of hearts - that they will never give up because there is always a solution to every problem. If there isn't - well then, you're asking the wrong question. Ask an easier one.

PS - Need a little help to "think outside the square"...a little inspiration to "ask an easier question." Find out how this ingenious Internet Marketer used spam to solve his biggest problem and made a small fortune in the process. (No...I'm not selling's just a nice post in this blog)


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  3. Thanks Andre - I don't even mind the link!
    There's a little bit more to Internet Marketing than just these four tips but it's a great place to get started =)
    We've nearly finished "Getting To Know Google" month so you'll have to come back and see what I've got planned for August...hint...there's going to be some very practical advice for IMer's

  4. internet marketing I must agree with the previous comments. I am about a raw as one can get in IM and have very quickly reached that state of “overwhelm” and information overload! In my ignorance I too started buying one promising system after another, and I really could not afford to do so. Well, I decided to listen to my intuition (churning gut!) and backed off. I am trying to find the mentor, system, etc. that is the most comprehensive, accommodating to newbies, allows me to grow as my knowledge base and experience does and just “feels right.” I was also feeling very impatient with getting on with my “reinvention” of myself as an internet marketer. Yesterday, driving about running errands I hit every light, every turn into a parking lot was filled with cars, every line i got into was long, and at the grocery store I bought 12 little pieces of chocolate and the cashier rang them up individually! This was that time of the day when there is very little traffic and no one is shopping…so, lesson learned! Patience is critical, Rome was not built in a day! (IM feels like Rome to me!) This article is full of wisdom. Thank you!