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3 Lies That Are Stopping You From Making Money Online

Let's not waste time. Three of the biggest and most common lies that are preventing you from making money online, as an affiliate marketer, an article marketer, as any Internet marketer, these lies are standing between you and your success.

LIE #1 Click Here, Push There
The first and foremost, biggest lies that is preventing you from making  money online is that you can make money with the click of a button. *Groan* Here's the truth of it. If you could click seven buttons, four buttons,  three buttons or make money online with one simple click of the mouse and enjoy the benefits of having money come pouring out of your computer and into your wallet, then wouldn't every big business own this software? Wouldn't it sell for thousands of dollars? Wouldn't you hold on to it for dear life and make sure that nobody but your nearest and dearest got their hands on this sort of software if YOU were the creator of it?

Truth -
A genuine passive income is made after following a series of steps. It doesn't have to be an extensive, confusing system but each the steps need to be taken. You never, ever get from A to B without somebody taking some steps - there are shortcuts...somebody else to do the lifting and carrying ie you could outsource your backlinking campaigns or hire a ghostwriter...but you still have to take the steps to put it all together and make sure it flows. An income online, no matter how big or how small, no matter how modest or pie in sky it needs to be earned. Period.

The secret is...rinse and repeat. You want some extra money, you want another $500/mth...the rinse and repeat. Repeat the steps, make a new blog or campaign or more articles. Rinse...and repeat...and repeat...and repeat.

Lie #2 - The Latest Fad
The Tides of the Internet ebb and flow so quickly that the only way to make money is to find the next big thing in the market that nobody else is doing or even knows about and get in first. Finding and capitalizing on the latest craze is the only way to get ahead of the crowd. It's true that the Internet is ever changing. Each and everyday people come up with a new way to use the Internet, new ways to make money online, new ways to exploit loopholes. Trouble is so many of them are useless especially for a brand new marketer to try to use for their own benefit. Fads can be very profitable...for only as long as they exist.

Truth - The truth is that you should never, ever rely on  "The BIG Thing." There is tried and true protocal. Been there done that, done and done and done again, PROVEN methods to make money online. Sadly, too many new marketers skip over those posts in the forums because they seem dull compared to the promise of quick and easy money making products. After struggling blindly around the Internet for months even years, dropping money at every get-rich-quick corner, they finally decide to go back and read those other posts in the forums - the one's about SEO and building a steady supply of backlinks and using long tailed keywords.

Lie #3 - The Super Secret To Success
The reason you haven't made any money so far is because you haven't discovered the super secret formula, the one big thing that nobody else talks about because they are too busy hoarding it for themselves. Once you figure it out, then and only then will you join the ranks of the elite Internet Marketers or Super Affiliates...unless you know the secret hand shake, then and only then you will be allowed in the club house, until then ...good luck to ya!

Truth - The reason you haven't succeeded online yet is because you have been distracted. And who could blame you? EVERY decent sales page for the "make money online" niche has a comment or two about "trying ever other system and still not succeeding" or how "confusing it is for new Internet Marketers to make a regular sale." And the fact of the matter is, what worked for so many people a few years ago, doesn't. The market is too competitive or the Panda/Farmer updates from Google all but killed their profitable campaigns and rather than adapting to the new rules of the game - better and more content - they gave up on that and started making all these get-rich-quick systems instead. There are literally thousands of them online

The reason you haven't been successful online is because you're not quite sure HOW to make money online, You are easily distracted and probably find yourself spending more time walking in circles than you do find yourself making new blogs or websites, writing new articles establishing a backlinks or two to get yourself indexed and then ever more to get yourself ranked on that first page of search results, refining your keywords ad testing new calls to action, new headlines for your blog posts of articles (the URL may e permanent but that title doesn't have to be).

A Grave Misconception Other new marketers think that every little detail must be perfect, they seem to think that they have to customize the color of their fonts or find the perfect picture for their article or they write and re-write paragraphs until it's just right...I call this getting distracted by the shiny things. Presentation is important, to some degree, but it's not going to convince someone to click through and buy what you're promoting, it's not going to convince them to read all the way to the end of your text, it's not going to get you on the first page of the search results.

So there you have it my fellow Internet Marketers. Three big fat lies that we've all fallen for - some harder than others - at one point in our journey to become online ka-zillionaires. I've been very fortunate in this regard and I'm always extremely cautious about buying things like this - the sales page is designed to sell, it's downright convincing and I've always looked at these pages with a pinch of salt.

On A Personal Note Now however, looking back I think I am starting to feel that it was a mistake on my part. I'm happy to spend $40 on McDonald's to feed the family or $60 at the movies - a few hours of satisfaction - yet I wouldn't chance the $30-$50 on buying something that could educate me - a technologically challenged, marketing noob (newbie) - to reach a goal of becoming an online marketer.
The Price An Education Think about it. I'm not talking about get rich while you sleep systems, I'm talking about knowledge. We spend thousands of dollars on our education, going through the school system and college or apprenticeships without giving it a second thought - we don't ask "Does it work?" - we just assume that because we have the knowledge, we're going to get the job. Perhaps it's better that way, it certainly works out for so many of us because we aren't over analyzing the situation (or getting distracted by the shiny things).

I'm actually starting to wish that I HAD invested my money in that knowledge sooner rather than later - it would have saved me so much unnecessary trial and error.

Which is what I'm offering you today - an Unstoppable Affiliate action plan. If you want to drop me a line, I'll send you the free (seriously, no strings attached free) pre-launch guide (they have just recently launched btw) or check back soon and check out our Free Stuff page (I'm actually out of town at the moment, enjoying some time with my family but I'll have that there for you ASAP).

I can personally vouch for Andrew at Unstoppable Affiliate, I've been waiting a long time for him to release these video's and kudos to him for sharing his methods - good onya mate =)

It works.

>> Unstoppable Affiliate

Good luck fellow marketers. I hope to see you again real soon.

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