Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Turning a Free Blog into a Profitable Website

Making money online really can be as simple as a four step process. In theory, it sounds nice...but how do you actually DO it? HOW do you actually make things WORK so that they make money, and keep making money? Okay, first things first. Has everybody got their blogs up and running?

Remember one day, you will want to invest in your own domain name. Your own website even if things go really well. But for now, a free blog here at Blogger or at Wordpress.com will be enough to get you started.

What are the four steps?
1) Find hungry niche.
2) Get in front of your niche.
3) Stay in front of your niche.
4)Faster, stronger, higher.

You've heard me ramble on about finding a starving crowd before - it doesn't matter how expensive you hotdogs are, how bad they taste, or where you park you hotdog stand. Find a starving crowd and they will buy.

How do you get in front of your niche? With blogs and writing high quality content. Let's run over the definition of high quality one more time too. High quality means that it's the information that your niche is searching for.

If you're suffering from infertility, you aren't searching for some spammy eBook by name (you haven't even heard of it before), you're searching for information about what you can do, what you should eat, how to detox your body, how long you should wait until you seek a fertility specialist, how to find a decent IVF clinic with a decent success rate and so on.

Your aim is not to sell the product you're promoting - that's what the sales page is for. Your job is to take the product to the starving crowd and you do that by teaching them, by giving them the info that they are looking for.

You have your blog ready and waiting...how do you get your niche there? Walk on over to you content sites and write some quality, tagrteted articles. Not just some articles, heaps of articles. You're the authority on this matter aren't you? You should know heaps about it, shouldn't you? Or look at it this way. If you REALLY are the expert that your niche should be listening to, then you wouldn't have two or three articles about the topic of discussion.

You should have 10, 20 even 30 articles all directly targeting your niche, all with a backlink to your blog, all with an affiliate link to the sales page of the product you're promatong (there's no rule that says you can't give your readers a choice). Then what? Go ahead and write another 10 or 20 articles.

Getting in front of your niche? All to often we miss out on great opportunities. The signs are there. But we fail to act. What happens when a few ezinearticles of ours make a few sales?

Monday - 1 sale. Tuesday - nothing. Wednesday - nothing. Thursday - 2 sales. Now what?

Do we write it off as aanother failed campaign? NO!!
Now we need to get our arses in front of that crowd. Head on over to AdWords and start driving the traffic into that article or that blog post that is making the sales. You get your butt in front of the traffic and sit down on the road. By every means you know how. Build a mailing list, a Facebook page, Tweet about it. All of the above? Sure, why not. But the quickest and most effective means will be to Pay Per Click (PPC) with AdWords.

Alriiiight, now we're talking. That 3-4 sales a week is steadily working it's way up to 3-4 sales a day. Now what? Faster, higher, stronger.

There's nothing I hate more than brand new marketers wasting money on software that is designed to drive hundreds of visitors to their blog or sites usually by means of some band-aid solution rather than SEO or quality content. It's like handing a 12 year old the keys to a drag car.

Once you start earning some steady money from one of your campaigns, THAT is the perfect time to start investing in products that will allow you to work smarter not faster. Because that's what you're doing. And you're thinking...."I like the sound of this...but does it work?" Do some research. Find some other customers or members - chances are you can find some doing walkthroughs on YouTube. But the fact of the matter is, we don't have a problem spending $50 on a night out, but we hesitate to spend $50 on something that will educate us and teach us to be better webmasters or salesmen or SEO experts.

Your end goal in to establish a business. You're going to invest some of your winnings into a domain name, hosting, your own website. You can build a mailing list and start reaping the benefits of repeat customers.
Doesn't that make more sense than spending the last $60 in your bank account on starting a website in a niche that you don't KNOW is profitable? You're starting with something small and free then once it has proven itself, you are building on a solid foundation and working faster, higher, stronger.

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