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Top 5 Mistakes New Internet Marketers Make

There's no way around it. There's a huge learning curve when you decide to try your hand at Internet Marketing. Let's put this in perspective.

How many dinners did you burn before you mastered your signature dish?

How many driving lessons did it take before you were confident enough to take your divers test?

How many girl or guy friends did you date before you finally got it right?

Don't let your mistakes discourage you. Mistakes are essential to growth. Mistakes mean that you are trying. That you are learning. That you are taking action. Mistakes are great when you look at it like that, huh?


There are some mistakes that you don't want to (nor need to) make when your learning the ropes of Internet marketing. This info is designed for the benefit of the affiliate and article marketers that have been following along, but the principles apply to all forms of Internet marketing. That's blog marketing, email marketing, marketing through your website...whatever.

These mistakes are of the ilk that could damage your reputation online with other marketers, your readers and the vendors that you're affiliating with. In the world of online business, your reputation is an essential key to making sales. If people can't trust you, they won't buy from you.

In no particular order (apart from the first two)

It would really be very easy to bankrupt yourself buying into every get rich quick scheme that we are fooled into believing is vital to our success. There is one affiliate service that I work with that which gives us affiliates a little more info about the vendor that Clickbank does. There was one product that I quite liked the looks of and I decided to find out what other software systems this particular vendor was selling. The first sales page included a video of a middle aged man who in no uncertain terms told you all how he was so gash darn rich he didn't care if you bought the system or not...but you would be the worlds stupidest marketer if you didn't.

Nice, huh? The second sales page was a letter from another middle aged man who explained that his search for online riches resulted in his wife kicking him out where he was reduced to living with his mother. That was until he stumbled upon the secret recipe to success which has repaired his marriage, made him father of the year, made him 50 ka-zillion-billion-trillion dollars per day, every day and cured word poverty. Phew!

I'm not saying this to tun you off buying these systems, They aren't all bad - I don't think I could survive without my Killer Content membership which came to me through a sales page - but I want you to re-think what you're buying. Magic glitches, loopholes, portals which mysteriously suction targeted traffic from every niche and do it overnight are more often than not bogus. The only thing close to a shortcut that I have ever come across are memberships like those at Killer Content and the reason they are different is because they are built around the old fashioned principles like...gee, I have to work for your money! And...hmm let me think... Content is King.

And that's the point...your online business needs to be built on a solid foundation of quality content and SEO. When you invest in the get rich quick schemes that cheat the system, even if they do work, it's only a matter of time until Google figures out the latest craze and gives you a spanking. SEO, content and building a great reputation may take longer but the are fool hardy, long lasting and accumulate over time.

Older posts - Seriously? What Magic Loophole?

Now if you've never been guilty of this one then I don't know what you're doing here. You're fresh out of the gate with a brand spanking new Clickbank bank account and a product that you just know is going to solve world hunger. So what do you do? You get out there and start writing 5 or 10 or 20 articles about it. You stuff them with keywords, you submit the URL to somewhere like Social Monkee (or another free backlink builder service) to start smashing backlinks out there and you go totally SEO on it's butt.

The page rank is there. The traffic is there. But it doesn't convert. Why?

Let's make this as clear as possible...

PEOPLE buy things...NOT Google

Why isn't it converting? There's no sustenance. People are looking for information that they don't already know. The content is've used to right keywords and you've targeted the right mirco-niche but it's 500 words about nothing!

Older posts - A New Marketing Strategy For You ( Which also addresses our next mistake)

Let me make this very clear too...

People aren't searching for an eBook they've never heard of. Even if you are promoting something that ready will change their lives, they don't want to hear about it yet. It's almost a very tactful spot of fishing.

What's the one thing that every fisherman needs? A hook. A way of trapping the fish at least. Then you disguise that hook.

You find the stinkiest little bait for your niche and then what? You disguise that hook as a plump little dinner floating in the big bad ocean.

That's exactly what your articles should read like. You'll note that I described the bait as "plump"? Your content should be plump. It needs to be plump. When you hear the term "body of content" you should think plump.  Your articles should be so plump that other articles look anorexic by comparism. Pack them FULL of information that is relevant to the things your niche is searching for. Give them their tips, tricks and anecdotes and then your affiliate link.

It all comes down to this...They don't want to be SOLD something. They want to be TAUGHT something.

Teach your readers about their problems, establish yourself as an  authority and do so with compassion. You know my trick already - I imagine that I'm writing a response to my friends daughter. I care about her. I want her to have good, accurate info before she makes her choice. THAT's the sort of info that goes in my articles.

Tell me this. How would you feel if I walked into your house and said

"Hey, nice house you got here...wanna buy some encyclopedia's?"

Hmm. I though so. I have always warned you about leaving behind comments that add to the info shared on the site you're visiting. Think very wisely before you go ahead and leave that comment "Nice blog...if you want to learn  about weight loss then my blog is (URL)" This is tantamount to me waltzing in to your kitchen and selling encyclopedia's.

Less work, bigger results. That's what we all want. Yes, commenting in blogs can be a good way to get baclinks


Leaving a message for the sake of leaving a backlink is a waste of you time. It won't always make the cut.

Howevaah...if you can add something useful to the conversation that builds on the foundation of knowledge that the blogger was trying to impart along with your URL then people are enticed to click through and the owner is less likely to mark your comment as spam.

I have a site Ranked In ( that you can use to create backlinks via comments or submitting articles. The articles in there seem to rank quite well and ring a trickle of traffic as peoiple click through.
Visit Ranked !n and create backlinks

FORUMS - Same rules apply. Make sure that you add the forum users experience, anything less is spam in my eyes but then again I do have some crazy, far out principles. Most forums give you the opportunity to create a signature. If your forum allows you to put you URL in your signature...great. But most forums don't. It's a great way to get your butt kicked out in record time.

I love forums. It's a great place to research my niches. Do not drop "Click [URL] for this and that" at every turn. Add to the conversation. Get involved. Learn from them. Teach them what you know. It'ds your reputation, protect it.

Another mistake I've come across on more than one occasion is seeing one post about "How I used this product to solve world hunger" and then another post asking about how to cure world hunger. A little common sense goes a long way.

I know this seems like the most obvious thing in the world but it happens. You're in a rush to publish and you think your okay, you got this, it's definitely the right address, right? You make a few articles, they rank well, they start bringing in the traffic...but they don't convert.

If you're lucky, you might recognize this early on and check them. If you're a little slow on the uptake then you could be frustrating readers with an invalid link to nowhere. Or the wrong-where. Or at worst you could be sending your sales to another affiliate!

Been there, done that, totally have the t-shirt to prove it.

You must write the full URL when you're adding your link which looks a little something like this -

Do not forget the http:// or your link won't work.

At some sites when you have the option to create links they might have pre-set the hhtp:// so you will only need to add the part of the address. Don't take it for granted though, if you're unsure add the http:// then test the link.

SECONDLY - if you're promoting affiliate products then you should click the Buy Now or Download buttons. Don't worry, you aren't really buying it just yet. When you scroll down to the very bottom of the next page, you should see your affiliate link. It should look a little something like this...Then army understands this. The

So let's just re-cap this mammoth post
Top 5 mistakes the new Internet marketers make are:
#1 - Looking for shortcuts - there's NO SUBSTITUTE for quality content and SEO. Think time saving tools of the trade...not magic shortcuts, glitches or cheating the system.

#2 - Google vs People - When was the last time that Google bought something off you? There's no substitute for quality content that people are searching for. Useful Content + Basic SEO = Sales

#3 - Sales Page Articles - People do NOT search for an eBook that they have never heard of. It's not your job as an affiliate marketer to sell the product. You are a matchmaker - you take the product to the people. Don't worry about justifying the price. Let the sales page do that.

#4 - Leaving Your Footprint - If it doesn't add to the foundation of the article or blog post, then I call it spam. Leave some great info and readers will be enticed to click through AND the owner is less inclined to delete your comment. In forums, use your common sense. Don't forget that your readers need to trust you - build friendships,

#5 - Check You Links - It happens more than you might think. Don't forget the http:// part of the address (unless you're told otherwise) and don't foregt to clickthrough and see where thelink takes you. If it's an affiliate link, click through to the checkout and look down the bottom for your affiliate ID.

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