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Things That Every Sales Page Must Have

You know you're making progress when It's time to build your first sales page!! I was gunna...but I won't...you don't need congratulating. You need real proven methods to make a sales page that works. So here it is. Seven things that every sales page MUST have.

Once you understand these things, you can also go ahead and include the principles to your websites, your blogs, you Squidoo lens or any other webpage that you have control over, As a new, struggling Internet Marketer, I'm sure you've all seen enough sales pages to know what's required. But here you are about to make your first sales page and I thought we would break it down into understandable snippets.  So without further ado...

Obviously! But what makes a "great" headline? Your headline should capture the essence of the product (or service) that you're selling. It should trigger the imagination, some curiosity and highlight the number one reason this product is a must have asset - eg, "How a stay at how mum gets paid $50 ka-gillion a month to scribble patterns for textile companies."

Be warned,  many readers, once they realize they are on a sale page, hit that back button at the speed of light before reading anything other than the headline so creating a title that draws the reader down the page is essential.

Yeah, that all well and good for her...but how can I make $50 ka-gillion each month too?
Lists are usually made with big green ticks of approval or regular bullet form. They should include every benefit that you can squeeze out of this product whilst also creating an air of curiosity.

There are two things that encourage readers to click through above all else: humour and curiosity.

The list should include how those benefits can be applied to the reader.

You shouldn't underestimate the power of social proof. Including some testimonials from other happy customers. Trust is an essential part of making money online. Think about it. You wouldn't buy a used car from a dirty, dodgy looking salesman would you? But if you see that he or she was friendly and down to earth you might not give a second thought to the fact that there's another car yard across the road.

"But Elizabeth, this is my first sales page. I'm new - I don't have any testimonials. Now what?"

The most obvious solution is to call upon family and friends to review your product. There's better option too though. Hit the forums and explain that you are giving away a limited number of product XYZ in exchange for feedback. Be honest. Let them know that you intend to gather some testimonials.
Alternatively, you could run a short AdWords campaign and offer some heavily discounted ($1 or $2) copies of product XYZ in exchange for their evaluation.

You can set some standards this way too. Minimum [this many] words, maximum [that many] words. Answer this and that specific question.

You websites appearance reflects the goods and services you are promoting, right? So it's even more important to make sure that you have got am official, professional looking sales page. This is where the artist in me (little know tid bit - I got my start making money online by selling my art) is just screaming out for balanced looking sales pages. I like things centred or evenly balanced on each side - if there's a photo here, then a checklist there, type thing.

Information should be broken down from large blocks of text into 2 or 3 or 4 sentence paragraphs. White sales pages give a professional appearance but can seem a little dull. Bright blue? Not my cup of tea! In any case, it is reflecting the product you're selling. An off-white (slightly beige) background and a border around important text is fool-proof. Writing in 750 pixels and centring it also does the trick.

Once again, the artist in me is screaming out - this time...for pictures! I suppose we can trace it back to childhood where the odd illustration would give our worn our brains a rest from the volumes of information we were trying to digest. Coupled with the fact that a picture tells a thousand words and your reader want to see what he or she is getting (it's not like they can waltz into the shop for a better look) then pictures are certainly Essentail (note the capitale E) for every sales page.

From an artistic point of view, as far as apintings are concerned, there are very few photo-realists out there. Most artists do not paint every blade of grass now every strand of hair, and yet there are some incredible real likenesses out there. Why? HOW?  It's because when we view a picute that holds the most important parts of information - the tonal changes from shadows to highlights as well as suggestions of the details - then our minds fill in the blanks. Very few people even realize that Rembrant never used the colour blue!

What's the point??

If our minds eye can see hints of blue where there is none, then it means we are using our imagination. We take the image we see and we make it our own, we fill in the gaps between the leaves or strands of hair that are painted. This is exactly what we want our readers to do. We want them to fill in the gaps and see themselves benefitting from the use of this product.

Guarantee's build the essential ingredient of trust with your readers. Guarantee's increase conversions - there's no doubt about it. If you're selling through Clickbank then you need to include a 60 day quarantine regardless. If you don't believe me then I suggest you go back and read one of my older post - Proven Ways to Make More Money - Convert More Visitors and try the 3 T's method to see what I mean.

Any call to action should be blatantly obvious but the Order Now or Download button(s) on your sales page should be particularly prominent. That's the whole purpose of the sales page - you're going to be in trouble if you customers can't find it! Many IM'ers like to re-instate the benefits of the product by using that little yellow box with a dotted border to house the Order Now button - just in case.

This one seems a little too obvious but deserves a special mention because it works. It works so well we should be using it everywhere not just our sales pages. The truth is, I'M using it on YOU right now (hint hint). Sneaky, huh?

That's right. I'm talking to YOU. I AM talking to YOU. And that's the point. I'm referring directly to the reader as YOU. Which is perfect because once again, the reader is filling in the gaps between my words. When I say "Find out how that person over there made $10 000 bucks last week," you turn a little green with envy.

But when I say "I can show you how to put $10 000 dollars in your bank account by the end of this week,"... what happens?

Show of hands...who thought of their account balance? Uh-huh, yeah...and who imagined what they would do if they had $10 000 to spend next week?

I could be selling you the world, but unless you can see how that could benefit you, then you're going to be one...tough...sell.

No business like show business - Every one loves a video. Doesn't matter who you are or what you're selling. Video's sell. This is because you can SHOW your prospects what they're getting when they buy this product. It takes the faith out of a leap of faith. It's test drive. A trial run before they take that leap.

Free..."stuff" - I would like to say that every sales page should have free goodies to entice people into the sale...but it's not entirely practical when you're selling certain things. If you re-frame the question then there's always something that you could give away for free or at least for a few dollars. Even if you're trying to peddle 30ft yachts, people need life jackets. Fuel. A picnic basket full of cutlery and crockery.I bet if you really dug deep could find an insurance company to team up with - first! month free.

Maybe something a little easier on the pocket? Free video tutorials? A targeted article/report per day in your Inbox? 15 minutes phone call with the "expert" (that's you btw! lol).

Point is....FREE SELLS (even better than sex sells) and if you have a think you can always find something that will companion with the product you're promoting and will increase your conversions.

Okay, folks...that's it from me BUT before you race off to build your first sales page, I need you to do something for me. Go back to the post I wrote last week about the 3T's of creating webpages that sell.

Totally scientifically proven methods of making more money and converting more visitors and the best thing of all is that it won't cost you a penny. Seriously, you gotta be insane if you don't check it out - in which case...hiya! Welcome to the club =)

AND...IF YOU'RE REALLY SERIOUS (Because you only get one launch)
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