Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Spam - Don't Get Mad...Get Even

Content is King. It truly is. Without content that is rich in information there is little hope of getting ranked in that premium position in the search engines. This is PURE GENIUS and you must read this carefullyI have just spent the last 10 minutes laughing my arse off at an ingenious use of spam. This is what I have been trying to get across this last week - thinking outside the square.

Let's just cover this one more time because when I first started chasing the online dream I thought that thinking outside the square was waaay too hard.

I thought that thinking outside the square was something like this ===>

But it turns out that thinking outside the square is sooo much easier than that.

Thinking outside the square involves (pay attention now)

...seeing the problem in a new light....

Assessing your resources accurately

....then putting them to other uses...

It's about taking a difficult problem

....and asking an easier question...

It's all about a Re-frame

If you've been following along at my personal blog, you would remember the example of the inmates who use their laundry bags to pass goods from one cell to another during the night by swinging them on the outside of the block to their neighbor next door?

And how they make banned home brew in the pumpkin patch from the raw potatoes smuggled out of the kitchen?

They have taken the resources they have and found another use to do the things that were otherwise impossible.

That's the way Da Vinci did it...

That's the way the Wrights brothers did it...

That's the way Thomas Edison did it...

And that's the way inmates all over the world are doing it right now.


It's probably the way your competitors are doing it.

But Elizabeth...what has this got to do with spam?

I've just been going through another "make money online" product which includes a few hours of mp3 audio files. My ears pricked up at a passing comment made by one of the speakers who began to relate a story of an acquaintance. 

Yeah, yeah...she said, he said...I know. 

But it's the principle that's important here... not who said it or whether in fact it truly happened.

This particularly savvy Internet Marketer, webmaster and affiliate was frequently bombarded with spam.

What would you do? Day after day, what would you do with 20, 50, 80 spammy emails hitting your Inbox?

What could you do?

This ingenious marketer showed a little initiative and began to harness the unstoppable power of spam for his own benefit.

Can you guess?

Just because you're new to this whole re-framing the problem concept I'll give you a hint...

CLUE: What is the number one thing that every webmaster, every blogger, every article marketer can't get enough of?

CLUE:'s not money!!

CLUE: It was the first thing I mentioned at the start of today's post.

An assault of spam
A never ending search for more content 
 affiliate links
One very clever man!

Yup, he was taking his spam and using it to create content!! 

Gives a whole new meaning to that "Don't get mad, get even" chestnut, doesn't it? 

The thing about spam, is that something triggered it - a keyword for example. It's usually related to whatever it is you're trying to online. It's usually rich in keywords and strong calls to action. 

This is exactlty what it means to think outside the square.

To take a problem (content)...

And examine ALL the resources you have on hand (and that's a've got the whole Internet at your disposal)...

Then find a different way to use that resource.

This savvy IM'er was getting truck loads of fresh content delivered to his Inbox everyday.

This truly is outsourcing at it's finest!! lol

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