Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Seriously? What Magic Loophole?!

Come on guys...really? If these magic loopholes seriously worked why would they be selling them for only $49.95?? No. They aren't selling it of the goodness of their heart because they understand your plight. In fact it's plights like yours that are putting that $1068.45 per day in their ?Clickbank account.

What Russian hacker? Geez, there must be enough Russian hackers around to start there own social network. Just a thought (it only occurs to me now)...do you think they choose Russians because of the whole Cold War/Russians are spys thing that Americans have got going on? It's just that a whole lot of Americans are Googling make money online so you would assume that these "guru's" are targeting a niche that has a pre-disposition to believe that Russia is full of spys and hackers. It's not. Either that or my Step Mother is very convincing...

What One Push Button software? Seriously? If it were that easy would anyone be sharing it let alone for the measly price of only $39.95? Would big businesses be paying tens of thousands of dollars each day to employ people to do everything this sales pages promises?

Shoot you to page rank number one and super glue you in place? Not EVERY webmaster surely?

Drive thousands of visitors to your sites overnight? Come ooonn! If any site could do that we would be calling it Google.

It's time to let go of that dream my friends. Internet Marketing is not easy. Nothing worth having ever is. Internet Marking is not some get rich quick pipe dream. It's hard work that gets easier over time. Internet Marketing is not going to solve all you problems this month. And don't count on it saving you next month either.


But if you continue to persevere...

And you KNOW that it is possible... (because it is)

And you deserve it just as much as the guru's who are making money off of your greed...

Then you can climb down out of the clouds and get to business.

Because that is what you are doing. You are creating a business. From scratch. You need a blog to promote yourself - not your products, not your business...you. Let's get your name out there and build an online reputation. This blog is your business card...not your a flyer.

You need another blog or website - a traffic driving site which you fill with high quality content that will get them in from the search engines and keep them there. High quality and useful content. SEO. Backlinks. Quality.

Where does this traffic driving site lead people?

To your money generating site. Sometime known as a sales page. Sometimes not. SEO...nah, not really. Backlinks? Let your affiliates take care of that. Quality? Abso-darn-lutely.

And just to spice things up a little...

Why not throw in a mailing list too. Got a squeeze page? Got a free report or eBook? Got a newsletter? No? Then you're going to need one. Soonish. It's on your to-do-list =)

A mailing list is an integral part of building an online business. It allows you to overcome one of the biggest obstacles that are preventing you visitors from converting into customers - trust. They don't trust you, so what are you going to do about it? You're going to send them the finest quality newsletter and emails you can muster. You're going to send them to your business card blog so that they can get to know you. You're going to prove yourself.

Internet Marketing...this whole making money online is easy thing that the guru's are teaching you. It's wrong.

Sure, it's easy for them...only because they are preying on those who don't know any better. I just told my expectant sister in law not one week ago that labor pains are different for everyone. The woman who was in that room before you felt them differently from the way you will feel them which is different from the way the next  women will.

What worked for the guru's might not work for you. (Not that they are all bad, I've found many gems along the way) Many of them are promoting a system that was flooded with competition 8 years ago. Or a system that they don't personally use. Or a system that is riddled with holes...it's like the system they use, only watered down for the public.

You need to forge your own way ahead, your own business, be your own man. Know that you're in it for the long haul. Find a half decent mentor if you will but ultimately you need to rely on your own knowledge, your own system, your own brainpower.

Questions? Or have I cleared that up now?


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