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More Light Bulb Moments For Internet Marketers

I've been talking recently about thinking outside the square - how it isn't as difficult as those brain teasing puzzles my sixth grade teacher used to subject us to. I wanted to make sure you really get the hang of the this because it's a crucial skill that Internet Marketers need to practice. Until I learned to think outside the square, making money online was hard work - it still is. But now I have the ability to use every resource at my disposal including what I guess you could call borderline  "black hat" techniques.
What does it really take to make money online?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about dodgy or unethical techniques. But I am talking about misusing things.
For those who don't follow along at my personal blog, let's start at the beginning.

What does Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers and hardened inmates the world over have in common?

Here in Western Australia, after doing away with a most inhumane old prison that was built in the 1800s by convicts for convicts, we have a specially designed, purpose built prison called Casuarina Maximum Security.  This is where we house many of the lifers and the scummiest of the scummy along with the baby faced 18 years old who once thought they were invincible.

There's all the usual electric fences and barbed wire and stone walls that would rival skyscrapers in addition to the multi-million dollar surveillance system that monitors every movement depending on where you are within the wall. Seriously, the camera's that overlook prisoners visitations with their families could read the ingredients on the back on your coke can from the other side of the room.

Not only is there a duty protect the outside world from these men there's also a duty of care to protect them from each other. Each block is surrounded by more perimeters after the Christmas day riot of '99. Each block is broken into wings that can also be locked down to contain inmates when trouble arises. But what you may not be aware of is the sheer magnitude of the drugs in prison "industry." I know what you're thinking.

How on earth do these inmates smuggle drugs past this security? How on earth can they can they be discovered drunk inside a maximum security prison? And I'll let you in on a secret - not every inmate is rotten to the core. Hundreds of people are sentenced to time each year who are otherwise fairly decent people - perhaps they've made the stupid mistake of being repeat drink drivers or just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. They're not exactly hardened crims. So how on earth would these average Joe's get some sugar for their cuppa from the day room downstairs after being locked in for the night?

Well they can and do achieve these impossible missions and their ingenuity is a valuable lesson for those of us seeking to make money online.

They do these things because they understand the same principles that Thomas Edison understood during his years of inventing. The very same principle that the Wright brothers understood when they were trying to conquer the skies. They understood the same principles that every successful Internet Marketer understands.

They focused their energies a problem with determination...

They re-framed that problem....

They assessed their resources accurately...

They misused their inventory.

Misused isn't necessarily a bad thing - as you're about to find out - it means they they used their resources for something other than what it was originally intend for.

So what if...

You didn't have to get all the way down the stairs to the day room past locked doors and surveillance systems for your sugar?

What if, you re-framed the problem and asked yourself a new question, one that was easier to answer? can I get to the cell next door? Now that's more like it, right? The guy next door always has heaps of sugar. That's got to be easier, yeah?

But there's still the problem of locked cells. Each cell door has been reinforced and at face height you'll find a small perspex window. But on the other side of the cell is another window. A window facing the outside of the block. It opens, but only just.

So how do these savvy inmates use - or misuse - the resources on hand? They empty their laundry bags and dangle them outside the window before swinging them to the window next door.

The guy next door throws in a lighter or the sugar or whatever it was that was forgoten then swings it back. Clever, huh? The guards patrol and monitor the insides of the prison block. They use the windows on the outside. And what about if Christmas was coming and you wanted a little drink?

How about, instead of asking "How can I smuggle a beer past the multi-million dollar security system?" you asked a different question? An easier or more attainable question?

Like "How can I get some potatoes out of the kitchen?"

I've heard tale of these men making home brew in hollowed out pumpkins in the vegie patch! Hidden in plain sight! Very cool!

Er, I mean wrong...very wrong.

But clever - they re-framed the problem and the resources on hand. They took what they had and applied a different application to them

On the same note...

How on earth did those Wright brothers get that plane off the ground?

They re-framed the problem and their resources. You might remember that Wilbur and Orson used to build bicycles. It was this knowledge that they applied to their flying contraption that allowed them to soar the skies for a whopping 80 feet.

But there was more to it than this...

These men also knew something else that you don't...

They KNEW that there HAD to be a solution.

This isn't as simple as it sounds. How would you cope withrepeated failures? Would you be able to believe that there was a chance to fly even though nobody had really come close before?

Do you have any idea how many years Edison fiddled around tying to make that little filament of his bulb light up? Would you have been able to sustain your belief that it was possible for all those years?


Now here's the light bulb moment.....

YOU have to learn to re-frame your problem.

YOU have to learn to re-frame your resources - no mean feat when you have the whole Internet at your finger tips.

YOU have to learn to "misuse" those resources for something they weren't necessarily intended for.

And YOU need to truly believe in the very core of your being that it is possible to succeed.

And it is possible to succeed, you know it's possible because you know that other IMer's have been there before you and made money online doing. It's absolutely possibly.

But do you know that YOU are capable of it? Because you are.

So next time you're taking inventory of all the things you have on hand that will further your online business, you remember to put your "brain power" at the top of the list because "thinking outside the square"..."re-framing the problem" the most valuable asset that you have.

Do me a favour and read the post called Spam - don't get mad, get even. It's the perfect example of how Internet Marketers can make money out of nothing!

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