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Proven Ways To Make More Money & Convert More Visitors

Free, scientifically proven, guaranteed system the you use to increase customer activity - make more money, covert more visitors, increase your mail list or whatever. Nope. Not selling anything here. This is something that YOU do. We're talking big league here. We're talking about making small changes that over time have big results. We're talking about the 3 T's - Testing Tracking & Tweaking. Now that I think of it, maybe not free, you might need to invest in some software if you don't already have it.

If you were to own a brick & mortar business then you would be able to count the customers that come through the door. you would be able to gauge their reactions. If your products were overpriced you would here the whispers "look at the price of it" and if customers couldn't find what they were looking for you could show them where it is or order it in. It doesn't work like this online.

Testing, Tracking and Tweaking is one of the most things you will need to learn both as an affiliate marketer and later down the road as an online business owner. The 3 T'swill allow you to let your customers make improvements to your webpage(s) as opposed to what you think might make an improvement. It's a lot easier to make changes that are worse for your campaign than better for it so letting them decide is the only sensible solution.

So let's get stuck into it...
You can do this two ways. You can make a special link that when clicked on tracks visitors movements. When you go to your backlog you can then access where they went, what they did there and how long they spent there.
Method two involves a tracking code that is embedded into the landing page or whatever other page you want to track.

Pretty self explanatory but we like to break things down here at Mwah ha ha Money.
You can test a different landing page
Test a different title/headline
Test different squeeze pages
Test a different call to action
Test different ad's


Again, if you have made it this far I'm sure you are savvy enough to figure this one out. Tweaking refers to the SMALL changes to your webpage and then retesting it for signs of improvement
You might...
Tweak the title
Tweak an advert
Tweak the price a little
You see where I'm going, right?

Okay, now it's the way you use these together that is...I was going to say magic, but it's not. It's scientifically proven. We want PROVEN DATA that really works. Your opinion doesn't matter here. I don't care how pretty you think your sales page is, if it doesn't convert then you probably don't care much for it either.

This system will allow you to grow, to understand your niche, your visitors and more importantly, to replicate it with future marketing pieces. If you can figure this out you are well on your way to the big bucks (remember me...). But before I explain it I just wanted to give you some words of wisdom and the sooner you figure this out the sooner you will stop dropping money at every sales page you come across.(oh yeah, just had to bring that up, didn't you Elizabeth)


If I had a dollar for every push button software, magic loophole, money magnetizing passive income, profit portal piece of crap that I have ever bought, tested or come across then I would be very content with my lot indeed. Stay on task, Elizabeth...that's not the point. Well it sort of is. The point is that those products miss the point.


Gradual changes based on proven data. Baby steps. You want instant success go and buy a lottery tickets, the odds are better.

There are different ways to test your webpage but we're going to use the easiest and one of the most effective ways. The split test.

A/B Test - By definition this.test compares two versions of the same item. this case (of internet marketing) Page A vs Page B. You can get software that will split you visitors into two groups, Odd numbers are taken to Page A, even numbers to Page B.

So the page that you are using right now as the landing page of your website, you make a duplicate and you make one small change to Page B. It's bit like those spot the difference puzzles - you don't want to rewrite the whole page because you will never know which part of it was more successful. So you pick somewhere to start. The title, the call to action, the opening sentence or paragraph. What ever, just pick something.

You run the pages through the software and at the end of the test you see that there is a clear winner - one page had better success at getting people to click through or opt in or buy what you're selling. Instead of $50 that you made last month, Page B sold $60

That page becomes your control page.

You run another test, with another small change. This time Page B won over Page C. You keep B and throw out C. Another tweak, another test, another winner. Another tweak, another test...eventually you have a page that is better than all those that went before it. Instead of the $50 a month that you're making right now you're making $110. Or instead of the 40 subscribers, you have 90.

Because you're using a control page to compare and you're dividing the visitors equally (not 10 visitors on Monday vs the 13 on Tuesday) and the test can be recreated repeatedly and still have the same results, this is what they call scientifically proven.

Proven data chosen by the customers to make you more money. How good is that?

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