Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Important Backlink Stuff!

Why do we need to Backlink?
When we backlink our webpages to other domains we are highlighting  their importance. Google loves backlinks. This is how the system works; at any given time, Google is using it's robots (called crawlers or spiders) to scan the Internet for content. They really pride themselves on giving users the best possible search results at Google so this is why we webmasters love content and keywords.

Now these robots crawl the net by travelling from one link to the next - both internal links (from your home page to your contact us page) and from one domain (website) to another.

So the more links we have in other domains that are pointing to our own website (or webpages or blogs etc) the more the crawlers come in contact with us. I love using the example of a spider web - it's just so apt when we are talking about a world wide web. When these strands of web (the backlinks) point to our site, the spiders think we are a key website, a hub of activity.

Compare that to the website that only has outgoing links (called external links) or even worse, the sites that have none. They are on the outer edges of the spiders web and therefore the crawler will be lucky to find them at all - it can take weeks for them to even be ranked in the search engines.

The Rules of Backlinking

There are a few things we should keep in mind and it's pretty common sense really. Firstly, Google can't read text that is added to photo's so while adding things like this that have your web address typed in them...

...might be great PR for your visitors, it isn't doing anything to help your page rank.

Second rule of backlinking is that Google knows that anyone can drop a "Click Here" sign at every turn on the net. I'm talking about Anchor Text. The words that you use to make the link should either be the keywords on the webpage you are sending them or the title of the site that you are sending them to. Backlinks that are made within the body of content (in the middle of your articles) are going to considered even more important than those "click here's" that you find everywhere.

Rule number three - Links must be from as many different domains as possible. This is great if you have several websites and/or blogs in the same niche but what can you do otherwise? Do not buy into those backlinking schemes they can do more harm than good - trust me on that one, guys.Google ain't stoopid! The search engines can see if you have a dog training and you  have backlinks in a site about tattoo's or pregnancy or something that is totally irrelevant to your site. You actually have a few options...

  • Hit the blogs - find niche appropriate blogs. It's courteous to contact the owner but not always essential and let them know that you have something their readers will benefit - by all means you can trade a link for link. However, Google thinks that one way links are more important than links that have been traded like this. You can also leave a comment that will add to the information provided and a link to your appropriate article, blog, webpage or website - do not spam them.
**If you are going to post your links in blogs or forums the FIRST and most important rule is user experience. If your link doesn't take people to more of the information that they are actually looking for then in my mind it's spam.
  • Content sites - Spin a few articles and submit them to each and every content site that you can find - again, they must be original not duplicates - check out the article spinner that I use. (Great video there too)
  • Hit the forums that your niche uses - again, there is a fine line between spamming and leaving your link. Think about the user experience before you post a reply - if it doesn't add to the information that users are searching for it is unacceptable and you are going to get yourself banned (and you know how much I luurve forums - great pace for research)
I have one more special treat for you that I am in the middle of setting up and I think you guys will love it. I'm just trying to iron out some wrinkles.

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