Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Every Article Marketers Dream

Seriously, you have got to check out this bad boy! I'm excited about this one. I've been working online for longer than I care to admit and as a webmaster, blogger, article marketer, mother etc, I get to review a lot of products. This might sound like fun, but trust me...it ain't.

I've been using Article Demon for about two weeks now and I'm already seeing the results.

Let's start from the beginning. Are we all familiar with the humble article spinner? Basically, you copy an article into the software, you highlight different words and phases, you type in some synonyms which are surrounded by some fancy symbols then spin....

Then you take your {new|spun} articles and {publish|submit} them {on your website|into your blog|at article directories|everywhere}

If you have had experience with spinners before then you've possibly been burned. Many spinners just don't make the cut. Often, you have to add your own synonyms and those that do have a dictionary built in can't distinguish between the different niche specific synonyms. For example:

In the Education niche training means:

In the Weight Loss niche training means:
{training|exercising|working out|etc}

This piece of software has so many features that I risk breaking a fundamental rule of article marketing...

Writing a "sales page" article!! Did I mention I was excited?


You want to know what I've been doing with this Article Demon, right? Preferably before you go ahead and waste your money on another system that might not work.

Firstly, this isn't just some system It's a tool that you can use to build your status in the search engines, get a few more visitors flowing through to use site and build a business from the ground up.

Remember my illustration about your niche being like game a golf? You can try and blame the golf course if your game stinks but the truth is you could be on the best course in the world and still never reach the green...

Unless you have an understanding of how the game is played. I also went on to explain that you would never see Tiger Woods practicing his swing with a baseball bat - he probably doesn't even own one,right?

So what's the moral of the story? So glad you asked!

You HAVE to understand the rules of the game - you need to know how to target your niche, bring them to your site and keep them there. You need to have a game plan. You need to know when to use the nine iron and when to whip out your putter.


You MUST have the right tools for the job. There is no need to have all those eBooks and reports and the dodgy software systems on your hard drive. You need to have the right system of websites or blogs that are funneling traffic from the search engines to your traffic site - a problem resource site - that then drives that traffic to your money generating site (your sales pages) - the problem solution site.

To do all this successfully, you need to have the golf clubs...not the baseball bat. You don;'t need ALL the tools, just the right tools.

I truly believe this is one such tool and I wanted to show you what I've been doing with Article Demon these last two weeks.

I have been using Article Demon to slowly submit articles to about a dozen different article directories each day. I control what times and dates they are submitted.

That's right..bypass the capatcha. There aren't many software programs that can do this for you. And if you were to end up having your IP address banned as a spammer you can use the proxy server to continue submitting your articles
AND this is the only software that I have seen that actually slows down the rate of submitting articles when antibot's are trigger (yeah...first night I got Article Demon, I put that one to the test!)

I have many sites in about six different niches (they're the one's I nurture anyway) and I have multiple sites in each niche. I's common sense to have a different pen name for each niche. Article Demon will let you create and manage dozens of different names...
You could submit articles with links to your site under your name...
And then under another name...
And then another.

You aren't restricted to the article directories that are pre-programmed either, you can add as many sites as you like.

I can manage all my niches easily and the project folder lets me keep track of whats been spun or publish etc (somebody remind me to show you how to take four or five of the spun articles in that folder and turn them into free report or ebook that you can use to build your mailing list - you don't need Article Demon to do this trick either)

Yup...all my Wordpress blog got a healthy work out and I just copied and pasted some other articles to my other blogs the old fashioned way.

This one is most important. Google likes this one. We hear a lot of hype about driving hundreds of visitors to you site overnight and this just isn't the case. What we really need though is to create a slow buildup of backlinks dripping into our site a bit like building a castle out of lego - one block at a time. Once your backlinks are out there, they stay there, constantly dripping visitors into your site or blog.

It's not enough to just have backlinks scattered at random throughout the Internet. You backlinks need to be quality backlinks - made with the write anchor text in the middle of your articles and the end. They should be one way backlinks where ever possible.

There are tones of other features and the best thing about Article Demon is that you don't have to buy it to check them all out - you can most of them right here.

Let's get down to business though. It's not very often that I recommend a product like this because the truth is, not all of them will benefit you. Not all of them are appropriate for beginners. For example, I have and use some of the techniques from other systems because they work. But I don't recommend them to you. Why? Because they're not appropriate for a beginner - they are the icing on the cake so to speak.

There's no point having the icing if you don't already have the cake.

Soooo... Article Demon...

Is it the icing or the cake?

Most definitely it's the cake. This is the start of a beautiful relationship. Thoroughly recommend this one guys

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