Monday, 20 June 2011

I Use Some Great Hookers (See the video)

This may be the best platform to make such a confession but too bad. I admit it. I use hookers. I use them everyday. It's like some sort of addiction for me. And it doesn't matter if you're an affiliate marketer, a webmaster, an article marketer, an blog marketer, an email marketer, a Christian, Muslim or should use hookers too.

Has anybody ever told you that you have a dirty, one track mind? I'm not talking about those hookers. I'm talking about an enticingly irresistible title that you just can't click past.

Just like the one you just couldn't click past a moment ago!

Since my fingers are still bleeding from the last post I made for you guys about reducing the minimum bid on you AdWords account, I'm going to get straight to the point.

You're going to need a great headline (or at the end of your article when you're advertising affiliate links) to capture your audience and reel them in from the SERPs.  Something that stands out from the crowd. There's a fine line here. Your title should be rich in keywords without blending in to the masses. One of the most notorious and common hookers is that four letter word...


I thoroughly discourage anyone from using this hooker - she's a tart and very hard to recover from. Seriously though, I came across a Squidoo lens a few weeks ago that was titled something along the lines of  Pregnancy Miracle Scam and it was a complete and utter train wreck to read. I actually came across a few really bad articles that night but that one stands out.

This particular article was really very forceful straight out of the gate saying something about eBooks that promise the world and deliver nothing, systems that worked for somebody else that might not work for you, but it only costs you about $50 odd dollars to buy and that the many people who claim that it might work only do so because they are trying to sell it to you and profit from your misfortune.

Towards the closing paragraph, there was a sudden shift in direction.

But maybe it does work and it's only $50. Surely it's worth  buying it and finding out for sure? By the way...I found this link that you can use if you want to check it out. 

See what I mean about being difficult to recover from? In order to draw visitors off the SERPs and into the article, the first paragraph has to be critical. How could you recover from that?

Not only that, the vendor of Pregnancy Miracle could have that author thrown to the wolves. Nobody wants to have their merchandise associated with a scam as you would realize if you read the Terms & Conditions at Clickbank when you signed up. It's one of those things that you can't take back.

So we know what not to do...the question remains. How do you make a great hooker?

Words are an incredibly powerful thing. If you haven't already seen this video then you need to check it out.

Pretty impressive stuff huh?

Words have the power to break hearts or heal them. Words have the power to incite people to action or to crush their spirit. Words have the power to make us laugh and cry. Words have the power to build trust or tear it to shreds. Words once spoken can never be undone.

How do you apply this to the headlines of your articles, your blog posts and your webpages? How do you create a headline hooker or a click here hooker so enticing that the visitor is almost forced to click through?

In my experience nothing works better than humor and curiosity. If you can combine them both in the same headline then even better. A fun play on words, a pun is an obvious way to make a hooker.

Curiosity also works wonders - it got you here today, didn't it? That and your dirty one track mind! As an example, let's assume that you were advertising a dog training eBook. (Underlined words would be your anchor text when you make your links)

Some Click Here hookers might look like this...

If you've been having this much trouble with your best friend then it's time to get a new one...
OR you could learn the secret dog training trick that I've been using for years.

The only thing worse that a backyard full of dog poo is a house full of **it. If only there was some way that every dog owner could learn to control an out of control dog.

What about headline hookers?

Who's a naughty boy then? Man vs Dog

This dog is driving me barking mad!!

(PS - Never advertise "dog" training. Think micro-niche. Target the owners of Alsatians, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles for more success)

Now you have a better understanding on the concept of a hooker you have got absolutely no excuse to ever write a boring Click Here ever again. In fact, if you want some homework you should go and change those links as soon as you're finished here.

As for the titles, get creative. Don't give the game away immediately, you want to string your readers along to get them through to the end of your article. If you have read some of my other posts about choosing or targeting a niche then you would know that I recommend magazines as a great model to follow when it comes to Internet Marketing. If you want some extra homework, run down to your newsagent and check out some of the hookers that the mag's in your niche use. They are a great source of inspiration.

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