Sunday, 26 June 2011

Another Make Money Method - PLR Articles

Okay, I stumbled blindly aroung the Internet for far too long before discovering that I didn't have to write every article that I posted on my blogs. Nor every article that I submit to Squidoo, Ezinearticles, or GoArticles or any of the other content sites. Sounds cool, huh? Let's talk about PLR for a moment.

PLR is short for Private Level Rights. I can break it down even more and tell you that you can have somebody else write your articles and then YOU can sell them as your own.

Think about what this means.

What's the number one thing that every webmaster wants and doens't have time to do? Write quality content.

You spend a $200 on 15ish articles about your niche. You find let's say 10 other webmasters. You tell them all that you have 15 articles that they can have for $50 BUT that you intend to sell them to no more than 9 other people. Be honest. Let them know that they will be sold to others but that you are serious about service - a maximum of 10 people with have these artcles.

10 webmsters or bloggers times $50 each leaves you with $300 in you pocket.

You just got somebody else to write your articles AND another somebody else to pay for them.

If you want to use them yourself, you call dibs on our favourite content sites - Ezinearticles and the content sites don't like duplicates. If you want to put them on your websites they don't need to be changed. Or you could run them through an article spinner.


SO glad you asked. You know how I've been talking about thinking outside the square lately? And how I explained that it's not really difficult to do just need to re-frame the question.

Let's re-frame another question. Instead of asking "How can I make more money online?" Why don't we ask something like "How can you get more visitors to trust you?"

Trust equals sales. In fact, repeat sales is dependant on trust. how can you buld trust with your visitors? By giving them exactly what they want.

Free information.

You take you 15 PLR articles, spin them through an article spinner, arrange them in order and viola!! You have an eBook that you can use to squeeze people onto you mailing list.

I bet I can tell what you're thinking. You're saying "But Elizabeth, I'm so new to Internet marketing...I don't even know another 10 marketers in my niche."

This is why we invented forums. And there are hundreds of forums for webmasters, for affiliate marketers, there's Blogger forums, there's the forum over at WA (Wealthy Affiliate). Be polite. Be honest - if you say 10 webmasters then only give them to 10 webmaster.

Ok. You can go head hunting for someone in the Phillipines anbody to write for you. You can go ahead and check out one of the websites that sell PLR articles for a living. can even write them youself.


You can check our my own secret weapon - Killer Content. I'm a Platinum member at Killer Content and it was worth every cent. If you have any wrodpress blogs, you can arrange for the Killer Content software to autopublish or publish at a pre-set time. This system has everything.

I have several wordpress blogs in each niche so I trickle a constant supply of articles (and  affiliate links as well as backinks to my other sites) out to the blogs all from the one Killer Content site. If it's not a wordpress blog, I spin, copy and paste...easy.

There's a spinner that is built in to the software as well as an awesome feature that allows me to turn my articles into eBooks and reports.

But the best part is...I go to the search box up the top, I type in anything for any niche and I get dozens if not hundreds of PLR articles that are an exact match to the search phase I use. There are literally thousands of articles at my fingertips and I can use every single one of them to add content to one site, or 10 sites or 100 sites.

In fact, it was Socretes (yes...that's his real name) who taught me what I know about PLR articles and the mountains of money to be made selling (and giving away) other peoples hard work. He's taken the very best of so many other "make money online" systems and  packed all those features into the one website. Watch the video. Hear his story. Fall in love with that voice. (Well...maybe that's just me!)I'm deadly serious when i say it - Killer Content is my secret weapon.

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