Saturday, 18 June 2011

25 Backlinks....For Free

That's right, you heard me. Each and every day you can go along to this site and get them to do the work for you by publishing you work and your backlink to different sites...for free. Or if you have a little money to burn you can spend $50 and get a whole lot more (100 links).

There are two ways you can do this. You can submit manually via the members area or you can use the Firefox plug in.

As a free member you can can submit your URL (the address of the webpage you want to promote) once a day. Your URL is then published to 25 unique sites. Tomorrow? You can go ahead and publish another URL for another webpage.


But I didn't tell you the best news....

You don't have to spend $47 to upgrade. By referring 12 friends (who can all be free members) you can get the upgrade for free.

Social Monkee also have a plug in to make the whole process a whole lot faster but you can check it out when you get there. Paying for the premium membership will give you a  head start on the competition but I suppose it depends on the number of friends you know on Facebook who would be keen to promote themselves too.

Go on...get out of here. Visit SocialMonkee to get your 25 backlinks

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